CNN asked for an emergency hearing because White House was the danger of banning journalists


CNN wants the federal court to maintain a critical hearing as the White House is in a position; threatened to build Acosta work card by the end of this month.

Jim Acosta Reporter on 11/11. Picture: Reuters.

CNN and reporter Jim Acosta today filed their petition in a federal court of the United States, asking them to hear quickly on the White House postcard. The move after the White House came to the end that the court date for Acosta was to come to an end and that the reporter's tag could be devolved at the end of the month, according to Reuters.

Former judge Timothy Kelly gave November 16 a temporary lawsuit asking Donald Trump's administration to renew the White House to Acosta works, which was suspended after a heat dispute with Trump. This order allowed Acosta to be told at the White House until a full hearing was held.

The White House opposed the CNN's request, saying that it was not "urgent." It is anticipated that the final decision on Acosta rights will be delivered at 3pm on November 23 (Hanoi 3m – 11pm). Newsletters Sarah Sanders and Bill Shine's Equallance Officer told CNN that the White House had "a prior decision" with the support of Trump.

The US president confirmed Kelly's decision "pretty much," and the White House will put the rules for the media. While calling for a positive audience, CNN and Acosta are still hoping that the dispute will be settled outside the court.

Acosta had a wild Trump at a media-press news conference called the "enemy of the people" reporter after being questioned about the state of the migration and his / her; express its viewers. with Russia.

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