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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Behavior sex particularly likely to distribute the botanical Human Papilloma virus (HPV). This virus is the most common reason infectious diseases Worldwide. (IMS) world-wide advanced ones up to breast cancer.

Unfortunately not everyone is aware of the HPV tenancy. Because the HPV doesn't have any signs and signs or they can be felt.

Some types of HPV can be challenged against a strong defenses. However, some species and many can live in the body for weeks, months, and even a year to cause certain conditions such as headworms and breast cancer.

Explain skin and species specialists, Dr. Dian Pratiwi some of the dangerous species behavior and an increased risk of HPV distribution. The HPV is a highly infectious virus with 60% delivery rates.

Dian said that anybody who is active is in danger of getting HPV. It's going up if someone is meeting more partners or by changing partners.

"It also applies to people who are related to one person, but the couple are related to many people," Dian said in a media conference that hosted the sex and sex clinic, Pramudia, in Jakarta, Thursday. (28/3).

HPV can be removed through direct contact with the infected part, which is most common in the generations. According to Dian, the most common way to remove HPV through sexual intercourse, infection, or liveliness is by living with a disease.

In some cases, HPV can also be spread through destructive behavior, but it can also be through skin for skin communication.

“It shouldn't have a blink, but it can be passed down to generation or generational,” said Dian.

To be safe from HPV infection, Dian said that there are only monolingual sexual relationships.

"It means, you have to, be monogamous or just one partner. If there's only one living thing, it's useless. It's the same thing," said Dian.

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