Coach Portagail: Ronaldo is left without debate with the national team


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The A-Division 2018/2019 A-Division League A-A-Division A-A-Division football team in advance defeated and won them to their final competition even without the biggest star, Cristian Ronald. However, Fernando Santosa, a European and US military concert, is a striker of the 34-year-old Juventus Turin, who is still an integral part of the national team.

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The Portuguese raised a Saturday at San Siro with the Italian 0-0 and so became sure in the first group that participates in the # 39; final competition, which will take place in June the following year in Portugal. The winners at Santos were able to preserve the procedure without Christian Ronald, who, with agreement with his coach, stop from the national team and did not play in any game in the past.

"Ronaldo is left without discussion with members of the national team," Santos fortified. "We're looking forward to moving in. A game is heavier than we expected, the Italian players played very well , and our move made it harder for us to make any effort to make opportunities. " he said on the social network.

The home coach, Roberto Mancini, was not happy to play his & her; game. "We have affected the game in 70 minutes, then the time has dropped, it's easy to understand when you play most of the game in the half of the challenge , it's a good move in a game compared to the duel against Poland to control the game. " Although the Italians were very involved in the game, they did not succeed in visiting a visit and put home sixth home in a row.

"In football, the objective goal is a target, but I do not think we have any problems in the first place, and we often do it. ; decide only a few centimeters, and we'll break it in. It's hopeful we can keep the ball in the half of the challenge. "

His & her first first prize Portable in the group before the home game on Tuesday against her & Poland. The Italians, who moved 5 points in four games, will definitely complete the second in the group to ensure they stay in the Department. Poland returned to Section B.



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