Coca and 7-Up from cure headaches, tranquilizers grow like two drinks of alcohol?


People still encourage each other "Make it, you will not succeed as well". That's true of the ancestors "7-Up" Choca-Cola.

In 1888, when the creator died Coll, he was still a cure for headaches. In 1940, when the 7-Up designer died, this water still has a superb effect.

However, their legacy has left its ownership, independently developed to become a monument in the drink industry. And at the bottom of his memorial, "legendary", secret, many people do not know.


Unexpected reversion: Coca and 7-Up from headache cure, how will tranquilizers become two such drinks? - Picture 1.

"Ideal Drink for the Brain", online on the 20th century Coca-Cola advertising poster

Coca-Cola is one of the largest and most complex historians of key brands in the world, many of which have not been heard about: Coca-Cola's primary purpose is to deal with headaches, and # 39; gives it a renewable atmosphere!

John Pemberton is a "father" Coca-Cola, born in 1831 in Georgia, USA. In 1865, when he heard about wounds in a battle, Pemberton's chemical was trying to create a new drug that would help to emphasize pain, reduce headaches and refurbish the ability. He tried, last year (1866) to make a black syrup like coffee. This same impact will be mixed with cold water at its first ambition.

Find out that the new drink is split largely from fruits and leaves Kola – a plant that was found only in tropical Americans. And there are lots of cocaine and caffeine!

Unexpected reversion: Coca and 7-Up from headache cure, how will tranquilizers become two such drinks? - Picture 2.

Kola trees, flowery plants in their families

Do you understand? These "prestigious" tools can help you to eliminate tough, tired, enjoyable problems.

Pemberton K in the name of Kola changed in C – Cola to be more visible, easier to remember.

Later on, the cooker and Cola engineer were sold everywhere, especially at bars in Atlanta, Georgia. But, everyone eliminated the product, that the drink is just black and acidic.

Be not sad, the new version! A man in the bar & # 39; Correctly mistakenly mistakenly sludge with a soda instead of a normal cold water.

Amazingly, the "boiled" water is really fun, selling and selling; Bar and the Pemberton Pharmacy more materials.

But say more than every year Cola also sells 95 liters. Dr. died Pemberton in 1888 – two years after Cola was born, not to dream about coca-cola empire as it is (in 2018, 130 years after his death).

However, in terms of business, Coll has fallen to the new owner as a very good change.

Unexpected reversion: Coca and 7-Up from headache cure, how will tranquilizers become two such drinks? - Picture 3.

Pemberton (left) and Candler

Asa Candler is also a drug freight owner in Atlanta, Georgia and the second head of the success of Coll. But if Pemberton was a pharmacist and engineer, Candler was a pharmacist and a capitalist.

To promote the product, Candler will be free of charge for everyone. After the test, many customers came back and were willing to spend 5 cents for each Cup cup. Fo Candler, poker-colored drinks, gradually evolved nationally, until the new owner was in 1899.

Unexpected reversion: Coca and 7-Up from headache cure, how will tranquilizers become two such drinks? - Picture 4.

Caffeine is in Coca Cola's older bottle and are taken from Kola seed (Photo: ebay, Twitter).

In 1903, a cocaine was officially removed from the collar. Gradually, a curative medicines source is going to go to & # 39; disturbed, changing as a renewable drink around the world.

The next part of Choca-Cola (after the first two owners) is another series of exciting events, we'll have the chance to come back! Now the 7-Up accident, which is today with Dr Pepper Snapple Group (SA) and PepsiCo outside the United States, is a Coca-Cola co-competitor. South Westerly


Unexpected reversion: Coca and 7-Up from headache cure, how will tranquilizers become two such drinks? - Picture 5.

7-Up has been promoting alcohol: "7-up is always yours"!

Together with Coca-Cola 7-Up (you're "seven up" or "seven-up") one of the latest sophisticated ones that you have; grow up with our childhood. But did you ever know that its original show has a cumulative 7-Up show?

7-Up was created by Charles Leiper Grigg and was born after Coca 63 years. Grigg Corporation Howdy established in 1920 but did not launch its first version of 7 to October 1929.

The appropriate water birth is not: two historic unexpected weeks in Wall Street in 1929!

First, there are 7-ups lithium citrate – Generality in tranquilizers. It was considered very much in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and is still used today for some serious psychological hazards such as bipolar riot.

It is unclear whether litter or citrate has been thrown or unleashed at the original 7th, but the Gizmodo site recognizes that some of the drinks are at the some were more for advertising. health effects, cure diseases.

The 7-Up 7-Up logo (left) highlights its & # 39; lithium part, length of the 1995 poster is & # 39; emphasizing natural and safe materials for children too. Indeed since 1948 there is a new 7-Up management

This idea does not form a foundation when a "specialty" license was granted to the 7th-century end of the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century. (Pactant medicine – medicines taken under trade names. Drugs are also ordered as drugs. For a long time, the 7-up marketing department is encouraged as a cure for hitting your "chest".

But at least, the citrate lithium division is also has been completely removed from 7th in 1948, in a branded attempt to give "100% natural" results to users.

The origin of the 7-Up name is still a mystery

In 1929, the birth name of this drink was "Lithiated Liquid Lemon-Lime Lime with Bib-Label Lithiated". Then it was changed to "7 Up Lithiated Lemon Soda" and it was reduced again in 1936, officially changed to "7-Up".

So far this is unknown why the name is still. Perhaps "up" is just emotional joy. Number 7 of the dispute is unfinished: it can be 7 components and make up materials; no lithium (7) atoms in the original material; No 7-oz bottles that give a weight of 7 oz instead of 6 unsaves and other soft drink bottles.

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