Coca Cola will launch a new flavor for its & # 39; first time in years


For the first time in years, Coca-Cola will produce a new flavor in the United States: Orange Oils.

The new drink to hit more sources on & # 39; this month. It is a way of encouraging users who are looking for more mixing to keep the logo instead of a different silk, Kate Carpenter, brand director Coca-Cola Trademark, said. including Coca-Cola (Coke), Coke Zero and cococola with flavor.

Its drink company decided to " submit and submit their flavor offers (Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke Zero, Vanilla Coke and Vanilla Coke Zero) after Coca-Cola Zero Sugar was launched last year, Carpenter said. The new flavor also comes into the style of Zero Sugar (zero sugar).

The drinks company is also provided New graphics in Cherry and Vanilla pads to "make a small redevelopment," he said.

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When Coke decided to look at a new taste, the Carpenter team investigated the international market for ideas. They have considered some options, such as raspberries, lemon and ginger, which work well for a company in Asia.

Orange Vanilla Coke, who to be available for a limited time in Canada last summer, he noticed him. They taste the taste in an American, where he was very welcome.

Users said the taste was "special and varied in a tasty class", which is cherry-led, said Carpenter. It is important to be aware that they also say that they would buy it apart from the usual Coke instead of replacing it. And the taste, although "unexpectedly," was still familiar, "he said.

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Coca-Cola has proved a lot of flavors for Coca Diet, which contains alcohol-free calories. This is the first new flavor for Coca Cola since 2007. At that time, his & her; Vanilla Coke's launch company, which was first launched in 2002 and was quickly developed, among other flavors.

Coca-Cola's new taste has not always been successful. People were complaining when changing their & # 39; The Coca-Cola recipe company in 1985 and introduced Coca Ùr. Your company quickly returned to its & # 39; his first race.

The drink company also tested with Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and a coffee flavor called Coca-Cola Blak, among others.

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The best works are the ones that add to or add to; develop original foodLaurent Grandet said, a user analysis at Guggenheim Securities.

The new flavors, which he said, are a way of drawing attention to brand.

"It's about creating awareness," he said.

Line extension is more productive in store stores. And usually selling tastes are not discounted, so Coca-Cola can increase its edges by selling a taste of the result, he said.

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