Coffee Tea? The answer may be genetic


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PARIS – In a new research to analyze how the genetic factors are in; A taste decision, scientists now believe that they know why some people are doing; Favorite coffee and others choose tea.

Find a paper that was published today in the Journal Scientific Reports that people who are currently abandoned to enjoy more bitter taste are usually Choose coffee as a result of the highest content of caffeine.

However, important for drinkers all over the place, they do not do it right.

As people grow on, we have developed the ability to detect calamities as a natural warning system to protect the body from harmful substances.

Speaking independently, we should want to pull American Americans just down the sink.

But in a lawsuit who were more aware of the bitter taste of caffeine were more likely to have coffee for tea, and more likely to drink it.

"People who are particularly aware of a bitter taste of caffeine are less likely to be coffee," said Marilyn Cornelis, a professor of prevention at Northwestern Feinberg Medicine School.

"The results faced by our survey suggest that coffee users have a taste or ability to detect caffeine due to the advanced consolidation learned by caffeine . "

So, individuals who are listed before generation will look like a sour coffee trying to connect "good things," said Cornelis.

In the study of more than 400,000 men and women in the United Kingdom, researchers also found that people who were aware of bitter taste of taste and flavor related to keeping more fruit-sensitive vegetable herbs on behalf of tea more rapidly.

Liang-Dar Hwang from the University of Queensland, Diamantina, who edited the study, said AFP told coffee to see that some people have coffee and coffee. everyday experience can obstruct genetic effects when it comes to taste.

"A thoughtful bitter idea is shaped by generating genetics but also environmental features," he said.

"Even though people do not mourn naturally, we can usually learn to enjoy or enjoy a delicious taste tasting after being exposed to environmental factors . "

Although coffees are related to a & # 39; affecting change, there is another benefit to enjoy your latte.

Hwang said coffee drinks were not even more fragile than the tea drink, making them "more likely to hate other foods" as green vegetables.

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