Cogent Communications (CCOI) Due to a $ 48.00 Targaid Price for the Royal Bank of Canada's Surveyors


The Royal Bank of Canada added a price of $ 48.00 Cogent Communications (NASDAQ: CCOI) in a report published on Tuesday. At this time the company has a hold on stock; technical company.

A number of other research researchers have recently commented on CCOI. Guggenheim rebuilt level and placed a $ 47.00 price target on sections of Cogent Communications in a research note on Friday, 3 August. BidaskClub's cutting-edge Cogent Communications ranged from a buyer level in a research note on Tuesday, 7 August. Zacks Investment Research has enhanced Cogent Communications from a relatively strong sales level in the search note Wednesday, August 8. The BTIG research of the Cogent Communications cut from a partially unrealized purchase level in a research note Monday, October 8. They noted that it was a valuation call. Finally, William Battle of the revival improved a better degree on Cogent Communications in a research note Monday, October 8. One ranking researcher is evaluated by stock with a sales level, it has a seven-level shareholding and three people have given a buyer rating for stock and company. Cogent Communications has a level of agreement on Hold and an average price target of $ 50.71.

NASDAQ: CCOI opened at $ 50.05 on Tuesday. Cogent Communications is 52 weeks of $ 35.75 and 52 weeks up to $ 57.65. The company has a market card of $ 2.29 billion, compares to prices and employment of 131.71, a PEG ratio of 9.34 and a beta of 0.61.

Cogent Communications (NASDAQ: CCOI) published the results of its seasonal earnings on Thursday, November 1. The technology company built $ 0.18 EPS for its & # 39; Fourth, estimating $ 0.17 equation estimates with $ 0.01. Cogent Communications had a negative result of a fairness of 24.22% and more websites of 2.99%. The company's income was $ 130.00 million for its & # 39; Fourth, compared to analysts expected of $ 132.09 million. During the same period in the previous year, the company earned $ 0.08 per department. The company's revenue was up 5.7% compared to the same season last year. Sales retailers acknowledge that Cogent Communications is a " add 0.66 EPS for the current fiscal year.

The company has recently revealed quarterly shares, which will be paid on Friday, November 30. A share of $ 0.56 per share will be allocated to registered owners on Friday, November 16. The divisional date of this division is Thursday, November 15. This represents $ 2.24 per annum and a section output of 4.48%. This is a positive change from the $ 0.54 weekly Cogent Communications division. The current Cogent Communications distribution share share is 568.42%.

In other news, CFO Thaddeus Gerard Weed sold 4,500 shares of the company's stock in Wednesday, 5 September. The stock was sold at a cost of $ 53.55, for a total activity of $ 240,975.00. After sale, the chief finance officer now has 69,050 shares of the stock of the company, at a value of $ 3,697,627.50. The item was published in filing with the Commission Securities & Exchange, which is available on its & # 39; this link through this interconnection. Also, Blake Bath's Director sold 18,411 shares of the stock of the company in business Wednesday, September 12. The stock was sold at a average price of $ 54.93, for a total value of $ 1,011,316.23. After the sale, the director owns exactly 34,175 shares of the company, at a value of around $ 1,877,232.75. The distribution for this sale can be found here. Agents have sold 34,411 shares of company stock worth $ 1,872,326 in the last eighty days. There are 10.21% of corporate stock of corporate staff.

The company has recently bought and sold a number of institutional investors. BlackRock Inc. Inc. his tenancies in Cogent Communications with 3.6% in the third quarter. BlackRock Inc. Now 6,654,760 shares of the technology company stock worth $ 371,336,000 after the purchase of an additional 232,879 department during the last quarter. Renaissance Technologies LLC grew its tenancies in Cogent Communications with 2.5% in the third quarter. Renaissance Technologies LLC currently has 3,371,900 shares of a technology company worth $ 188,152,000 after it has bought an additional 82,500 shares in the & # 39; last verse. Brown Advisory Inc. its holdings in Cogent Communications with 4.4% in the second quarter. Brown Advisory Inc. now with 2,102,017 shares of a technology stock of $ 112,247,000 after the purchase of an additional 87,707 shares during the last quarter. Senior LP Advisers LP expanded its tenancies in Cogent Communications with 9.5% in the third quarter. The first LP Advisory Trust currently has 2,026,730 shares of the technology company stock value of $ 113,092,000 after going to # 39; Buy 175,601 additional shares in the last quarter. Finally, the Dimensional Funding Advisors LP increased its holdings in Cogent Communications with 0.6% in the third quarter. Currently Dimensional LP funding advisors have 1,363,623 shares of the technology company stock worth $ 76,091,000 after the purchase of additional 7,741 shares over the last quarter. There are currently 90.48% of stock with founders of investment and hedge funds.

Cogent Communications Company Profile

Cogent Communications Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiary companies, provides Internet-based Internet communications and Internet protocols specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, communications service providers, and intensive, another world in North America, Europe and Asia.

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