Cogent Holdings Inc (CCOI) to collect a $ 0.56 quarterly compensation


Cogent Contracting Contracts Inc. (NASDAQ: CCOI) quarterly subdivision on Wednesday, 31st October, NASDAQ reports. Each shareholder dividend of 0.56 will be issued to registered owners Friday, 16 November, with its technology company on Friday 30th November. This represents $ 2.24 per annum and a section output of 4.48%. The pre-regional day is Thursday, November 15. This is a positive change from the $ 0.54 weekly Cogent Communications division.

Cogent Communications has earned its distribution fee by an average of 15.4% per annum over the last three years and has been divided into an annual share for the last 6 years. Cogent Communications has a pay-up ratio of 339.4% that shows that the company can only divide its share by employment only and is responsible for it; her balance on her departmental payments. Equality research surveys expect Cogent Communications to; earn $ 0.94 share next year, which means that it can not. company divides $ 2.24 annual divide with the amount of payment assessed; Future expectations of 238.3%.

Some Cogent Communications stock bought up $ 1.39 when they were Friday, and # 39; reaches $ 50.05. There were 345,088 shares of the stock, compared to the average measure of 338,715. The company has a market cap of $ 2.29 billion, a P1.E rate of 131.71, a P / E / G ratio of 9.34 and a beta of 0.61. Cogent Communications is 1 year low of $ 35.75 and a year high of $ 57.65.

Cogent Communications (NASDAQ: CCOI) published its earnings results on Thursday, November 1. The technical technology company built $ 0.18 per share for its & # 39; Fourth, bringing up a approximate estimate of Zacks of $ 0.17 with $ 0.01. Cogent Communications had a 2.99% net decline and a negative result of 24.22% was fair. The company received an income of $ 130.00 million in the & # 39; Fourth, compared to $ 132.09 million estimates. During the same period of the previous year, the business paid $ 0.08 per department. Cogent Communications revenue for a quarter up 5.7% on a year-on-year basis. Salescorers think that Cogent Communications 0.66 will earn each department for the current year.

In other Cogent Communications news, Blake Bath's Director sold 18,411 shares of Cogent Communications stock in an event that took place on Wednesday, September 12. The shares were sold at a cost of $ 54.93, for a total value of $ 1,011,316.23. After completing the sale, the director currently has 34,175 shares of the stock of the company, at a value of around $ 1,877,232.75. The item was published in legal registration by the SEC, which is available at the SEC website. VP Timothy G. Oneill also sold 1,000 shares of Cogent Communications stock in an event that took place on Monday, October 1. The stock was sold at a cost of $ 55.80, for an overall activity of $ 55,800.00. After completing the sale, the vice-president now has only 38,652 shares of the company's stock, at a value of around $ 2,156,781.60. The distribution for this sale can be found here. Agents have sold 34,411 shares of company stock worth $ 1,872,326 over the last three months. Tenants have 10.21% of stock.

Several stockists have described the stock. The Royal Bank of Scotland set a value of $ 48.00 on Cogent Communications shares and stocked stock in a report on Tuesday. BideankClub released shares of Cogent Communications from "buy" level "to" keep "in a report on Tuesday. Wells Fargo & Co built their price on Cogent Communications shares from $ 48.00 to $ 50.00 and took the "market ranking" stock in a report on Friday November 2. Citigroup set their price at Cogent Communications shares from $ 39.00 to $ 42.00 and delivered the "rating" stock in a report on Friday November 2. Finally, Zacks Investment Research has enhanced Cogent Communications categories from "sales" ratings "to a degree" preservation "and added a $ 61.00 target price for its company in a report on Monday, October 8. One research analyst of the stock is evaluated at a retail level, seven percent of the level of ownership and three have bought the stock. Cogent Communications has a standard "Hold" and an average price of $ 50.71.

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Cogent Communications Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiary companies, provides Internet-based Internet communications and Internet protocols specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, communications service providers, and intensive, another world in North America, Europe and Asia.

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