COLAISTE NCAA FRENZY FOOTBALL: Call of Destruction for Michigan


"This is the best team I've ever seen in Michigan."

He's been out there.

But not now.

Not after After. 4 Michigan Wolverines decorated by the nemesis, Number 10 Ohio State Buckeyes, on Saturday in Columbus, Ohio,

With the 62-39 loss, the Michigan team is not the best & # 39; Ever in hunting the college football football prize, the claim is that he is the leading team of the country's football team; there.

He is over. Le tud.

"My question … our people played," said Urban Meyer to the post game under FOX. "It's hard to tell you (how these effects are feeling), but to grow up in Ohio, you pay as much respect as the" this competition. "

Saturday can see four teams; trying to consolidate their places in the College Football Championship, hoping that the Election Day on 2 December will be just formal.

The Àir Rocky Line. 1 (12-0) to the top of the Auburn Tigers (7-5) 52-31 fight, while the play was No. 2 Clemson Tigers (11-0) a & # 39; Gamecocks South Carolina (6-4) 56-35 and number 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (12-0) up to USC Trojans (5-7) 24-17 Saturday evening end.

The fourth team expected it to replace their CFP as a Michigan, but its history disappeared – a & # 39; including a 0-short record of Jim Harbaugh, a leading coach against the Ohio State – and the Horseshoe homewill was on the way.

For protection recorded in the countryside, this enabled 62 points – the second largest in the history of the school.


The Wolverines are losing their four games to the Buckeyes that Harbaugh has been a major coach for 14 of the last 15 games in general in a powerful rival Big Ten.

And on the other side of his ball, the Buckeyes are heavy back in the & # 39; tour to still bring that same site for the last four.

But they need to hit the Northwestern Cattrop (8-4) in the Big Ten Football Championship in the next Saturday in Indianapolis to stay there; Fourth conversation – and that's not easy.

The wild road has a 59-56 wildlife at Ayr. 6 Oklahoma Sooners (11-1) over Number 13 Mountaineers of the West Virginia (8-3) to adequately fit in; that conversation.

And do not forget about the 5 Bulldogs Georgia (11-1), who were involved in Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (7-5) 45-21 early Saturday. If they are committing crime in any way in Alabama in the SEC warrant next week in Atlanta, how can not you put them among the four final ones? And Bama's unofficial would be there ahead of Ohio State and Oklahoma.


It's OK to get No. 14 Texas (9-3) in & # 39; Championship match 12 at the next Saturday in Arlington, Texas, after detained Texas (3-9) 24-17 in Les Miles's first game as head of KU sideline … In The first release of the Big Ten title was Saturday, Northwestern sent a " visited Illinois (4-8) 24-16 … The black petition with Washington State Number 8 (10-2) was for snowflake under Washington's No. 16 (9-3) 28-15 Sunday in the Apple Cup. The conjunction that means UDub – and not Wazzu – a & # 39; played in a Pac-12 conference rescue against 17 of Utah the next night tonight in Santa Clara, Calif. … What is a wild finish in No. 7 LSU (9-3) pre-time loss to Number 22 Texas A & M (8-4). Last 74-72 – yup, read that right – after your A & M guests from LSU 43-41 in the seven pre-time sessions. Crazy!


Built UCF No. 9 (11-0) won the second season after each other and won the best 24A NCAA competition with a 38-10 Friday decision over the South Florida hostel (7-5). But curtains for running after QB McKenzie Milton could be lost with the poorly kneaded knee on midfield through the game. With QB Darriel Mack, Jr., taking over, UCF was in Heavily hits the running game up to 391 tons. And with Milton having her knee surgery Saturday, Mack will be able to speak against Memphis (8-4) the next week in the American Amphibian Athletics Conference … War Memorial was a Memphis a & # 39; Visit Houston (8-4) 52-31 on a Friday battle which decides what team UCF plays in the & # 39; border in Orlando. … No. 12 Penn State (9-3) QB Trace McSorley saw a school record for most of the long-term finishes (694 and counted) in a 38-3 problem over Maryland (5-7), a & # 39; holding Maryland from a bowl demand. McSorley threw for just 230 yards away from 12 to 222, but the NFL had a ready-hit quarter of 11-carriages, a 64-yard-day day; continues to grow for a buck on a Day at Happy Valley.


The 36-year-old bowl came to an end to Florida State (5-7) after re-launched with his immersion band, No. 11 Florida (9-3), early Saturday. With its 41-14 decision, Florida will gives a slide five games against FSU … There are two schedules in Connecticut (1-11) as a whole – but it's not good enough because SMTP was able to get a long time all the time to Most of the points (605) and most of the gardens (7,409 for around 550 per game) have been allowed in a campaign after going to # 39; Introducing the year with a 57-7 loss to Teampall a (39) visit (8-4). UConn is only doing a second way from 1918 to allow 50 points each game … Alabama introduced two helicopters in early Saturday to help dry the water turf at the Bryant-Denny Stadium, leaving them near grass surfaces.

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