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WASHINGTON (GUIDELINES OF REGULATIONS) – The US President, Trump, has embarked on a new type of "struggle". This time is the home level. He identified a state of emergency on the 15th, as may be his / her; Mr Trump's thrombular wallbuilding boundaries were rejected on behalf of the countryside.

On 15 February, President Trump (sculpture) started a new type of "struggle" again. Texas delivered 11th (2019 Reuters / Leah Millis)

This will continue to fight in court with challenging parties and Democrats. Commenting on deleting its negotiation plan to & # 39; Democrat party in terms of wall building budget last year, as a result there is a situation that can never be said to "trade (trade)" it is always said.

One of the trials of Mr Trump's casting balls on the side of a Mechanical border wall was for casting ballots and he was asked to obtain a budget since taking up a post. And in March last year the Democratic Party said that he was willing to accept all expenses over time. But Mr Trump refused to take steps to continue citizenship to give 1.8 million people of the "Dreamer" unlawful young people who came to the United States when he was young.

Later on, in December last year, if the budget collection for the 5.7 billion dollar walling budget collapsed, some government agencies closed for 35 days. To block this re-event, its cost balance agreement agrees to & # 39; including $ 1.4 billion fence construction cost across the border on 14th. At the same time, Mr Trump also signed the name of a document describing an emergency. By doing this, in theory, approximately $ 6.7 billion can be taken to build a wall from a budget related to protection etc.

The democratic sovereignty of the parliament argues that the emergency declaration is unconstitutional, it is ill-health of presidential powers, and some Republican lawyers are worried that it will be too early . In addition, the emergency proofing requirement is also marked by a question mark. First of all, most drug addicts are being brought to the United States with a & # 39; normal induction port and drive from the port, and did not; He can even stop building his wall. Second, because the security of the border is a political argument for a long time, it is unacceptable to Mr Trump's emergence now.

Mr Trump's self-histories appears to have a high degree of confidence for being able to establish negotiations with "Art of the Deal", but in fact a strong consultation Even in trade rather than wall problems It has been. In the reconciliation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) there was a view where Canada and Mexico were likely to be threatening to withdrawn without agreement, and finally a decision to finalize a new agreement that did not change just a few. In the trade conversations with China too, the tuning adjustments are strong and strong, and # 39; Encouraging disciplinary results, the position that is at hand is not quite different than the administration.

At the same time, suffering from small and medium-sized enterprises and users, etc., from additional costs and hitting the supply chain. Wallbuilding is also inevitable to cause legal and political problems. Mr Trump's similar approach does not seem to have a superior skill & # 39; at all.

● Background information

– President Trump has launched a crisis case to build Mexico's wall borders at 15, and construction costs can be made possible. The bill had the expenses agreed with the Transport on April 14 only to & # 39; Accepting a fiscal cost of 1.4 billion dollars, Mr Trump wanted 5.7 billion dollars.

– The Trump system can re-use a total of $ 6.7 billion, including property related to Finance Ministry of 600 million dollars, drug cost Protection Department 2.5 billion dollars, construction costs 3.6 billion dollars.

· The president of the Pelosi Democratic Party and Mr. Schumer Senate will be in Household House; criticize the critical conviction and which is likely to challenge the legal battle.

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