Cold face passing by water, stormy wind – five counties were warned


Above the Carpathian Basin, a cold face rises on Monday, with water from many clouds and expectations.

Warning warning warning for Monday

Weather Warning Privacy for Monday – Source:

Weather forecast for Monday morning

Overview for Monday morning – Source:

It gets more and more water, water, in the north of the Highlands, in some places snowfall fall.

Preview Monday afternoon

Preview Monday afternoon afternoon – Source:

On Monday, in the second half of the day, it will break up from the northwest, the clouds are & # 39; falling, but the sky still swims to the evening.

Forecasts of the weather for Monday night

Weather priority for Monday afternoon – Source:

In southern and eastern counties, rainfall can first fall, however, in other parts of the country running water, possibly snow to grow. At night, or on Monday, they can go with the northwest shell stormy weather.

The minimum night temperature may be between 2 and 6 degrees. The highest temperature per day is between 4 and 9 degrees.

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