Cold hands? It can be for one of the 10 possible reasons


1. Bad spread:

Sometimes, the simplest cause is that the blood is not properly circulated to the fingers. Fortunately, it does not always respond to great causes and can be corrected by changes in lifestyle.

2. Anemia:

Anemia is not a disease, that is, a low proportion of red blood cells in the blood, but that is a sign of other experiments or processes such as menstruation. The hygiene of hands and legs is an indication of anemia.

3. Closed arteries:

Fats in the articles can eliminate the flow of blood to the aboard. Be careful, as this can cause cardiovascular disease.

4. Siondrom Raynaud:

a vasospastic disorder that causes to remove the fingers. These spasms will reduce blood to the air. To emphasize it and its & # 39; cold these symptoms.

5. Scleroderma:

This infectious disease affects the skin and basic woven, such as blood vessels. The company will make more collagen.

6. inconsistent:

Exercise reflects the bloodstream, so an unusual remote lifestyle can be dangerous.

7. Tobacco problems:

tobacco adds tightening and obstruction of land excavations, It may be useful, as we have seen before, the poor distribution of blood and cold hands.

8. Symptoms of diabetes:

When it is not treated well, the t

9. Female sex:

An investigation carried out in the United States in 1998 showed that women's average hands-on temperatures are two times lower than men, due to hormone causes.

10. Blessing:

basal temperatures increase in the early stages of the pregnancy, and that is why some women are pregnant; Note that their whirlwinds are colder.

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