Cold in northern and tropical disasters in South Central


Cold air arrives into our country on November 18th & affecting the mountain area, near November 19, which influences midland and Delta River Dearg.

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The northern section of the cold air.

Due to the effects of cold air, on the night of 18, 19/11, the water will flow and the temperature in the mountains and the middle of the country will be reduced; decreased to about 18 degrees, the delta temperature varies about 20- 21 degrees. On November 19, midland changes cold, Delta Delta is cold. Between the 21st of November and the November 23, there will be a rise in cold air, so the temperature is still low. The northern part of the country is cold at night and clear.

This should not be early in the cold season causing cold cold cold. However, due to weather conditions, people need to maintain their health (especially older people and young children).

Mr Nguyen Van Huong, head of climate strategy, National Center for Hydrometeorological Inspection, said the coldest cold winter in 2018-2019 in the second half of December / 2018 (from 20-30 December) with temperature average under 15 degrees Celsius.

According to Tran Quang Nang, Head of Department of Weather Forecasting, National Forecast Hydrometeorological Center, early November 18, when the Ninh Thuan storm at the cost of Ninh Thuan began about 160km to weaken. According to the latest rehearsal, up to this time, tropical dementia has removed strong winds in the sea about level 6-7, level 9. Evening and afternoon 18 / 11, Binh places will have a low tropical pressure. It is likely that Tuan to Ba Ria-Vung Tau, when entering, will become a low pressure position. So winds 6-7, level 9, earthquake at the sea with a strong wind level 6-7, level of visit 9.


Low tropical pressure causes heavy rainfall in South, South Highland. On the evening of 18/11, the water can stretch to the south, but the water is not too large (it's estimated 50-100mm). The low pressure of tropical depression to the south shows accident risk, tornados are very high. Therefore, proactive steps should be taken.

"Tropical dementia at this time is running on land off the Philippine Islands. Looking around midnight on November 22, the tropical density will be & # 39 ; go beyond Palawan (Philippines) and go into China. So when the tropical depression comes in, it can reach severe storms and will not stop the The Number 9 crab in the East Sea (and maybe tephoon Number 9 is high), severe wind can reach Level 9-10. In particular, the storm will be with the air strong cold on November 21, so the intense and the way that is a 9th storm is complicated. We will continue to monitor and broadcast news, narratives and early warning to authorities and people to take steps to stop, "said Tran Quang Nang.

According to Phung Tien Dung, a head of the Scottish Water Priority, Central Highlands and South Vietnam, water should be found in the southern end of the Weather Center for Meteorology and Hydro- Scotland, due to the impact of the 8th distribution. From Khanh Hoa to Binh Thuan, there is likely to be a flood, the level of water in these rivers is causing 1 to disturb 2 to scare 2.

However, due to heavy rainfall in a short period (the shelter is around 100-150 mm), local flooding, healthy floods and moorings can occur in rivers and streams in the area. mountain and local in low and urban areas. Local people should look at the repository and warnings of the National Center of Metallurgy and Hydro-Electricity and regional media stations for active prevention.


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