Collected tolls, "mounds" of sale, 17 teams collect waste to help!


Follow the instructions that are still stated?

Household rubbish construction companies based in Thuan an Baile, which first bought bills for waste trucks, which are run by the Tuan village population of the town, but now the tax is filled 30,000 VND / ton.

Household rubbish construction companies based in Thuan an Baile, which first bought bills for waste trucks, which are run by the Tuan village population of the town, but now the tax is filled 30,000 VND / ton.

According to the exhibition of 17 waste collection teams in the town of Thuan An, Thuan built a 30,000 VND waste collection home per tonne for waste collection teams. So, each team usually has to pay their 17-25 million tax per month. According to the waste builder, the reason why the population of Thuan an Town is the saying that the collection of rubbish in the business sector has to be too large and expensive to waste a & # 39; treated.

Mr Thien (skipper of a cleansing team in Thuan An) said: "I have been making a waste collection for over 10 years, so I found that VND land completion tax is 30,000 / ton for receiving waste is unreasonable. There are 29 waste collectors now, 17 litter collections in the company have collected more than 200 tonnes a day, so we need to close almost every month. VND 200 million for waste treatment is too high and unreasonable. "

According to Thien, in a season of snow or in season, a large amount of serious rubbish of a processing gear crew collected to pay up to 500 million per month. Thien and other members of the company have submitted the petition to the Town of the People's Committee but have not been considered.

Mr Thien said that the population of Thuan An, after refusing the rubbish, needs to change the truck truck from ordinary cars to truck trucks (over VND 1 billion / car) and tied to control Garbage trucks work in the right place. At the meeting on the # 39; This case was held on the 31st May 1818 at the village of Thuan town, stopping the authorities and waste collections together within 3 months of a 30,000 VND / ton land completion tax collection if -eil them to brush Brush rubbish from elsewhere or take industrial waste into the landfill.

Fees filled one month of collection.

Fees filled one month of collection.

"We follow instructions, loans, damaged houses, buildings to buy new cars, connecting space and collecting the rubbish in the right range, but now the tax is filled by 30,000 VND / ton. Those who did not close the eel can enter the garden, "said Thien.

Ms. decided to Thuy (who is more than 10 years of compulsory collection) also says: "By collecting 30,000 VND / ton of waste now it is causing us to bring many problems , we usually need to deposit the billions We have to pay thousands of millions of pounds for carpentry every month, then the cost of car repair, the salary of our brothers … up to one hundred million pounds per month. Beauty of the streets so that every month to pay more than 20 million VND is also an unfair opportunity.

"Go" time to stop rubbish into the garden

Information about time for household waste is 17 reactive rubbish reaction time.

The attention of changing household waste cleansing time is to cause a reasonable disaster because of it; It is the result of a "hole".

When the 17 excavations are pulled in Thuan, it is proposed that the exemption from the complete VND 30,000 / ton tax fee, but still remains unresolved in finding out about a # 39; dumping into the local gardening gardens. Published by Waterways Initiative (which corresponds to the Binh Duong Equivalent Water Supply and Equivalent Stock Company, the unit was contracted by Thuan Town's Natural and Environmental Resources Department on domestic waste treatment) on 25/10 / 2018 has changed the time of domestic waste at Thuan Giao Transhipment Station.

"Reception from 05h – 17h a day (including public holidays), different days, before and after Tet will arrange an appropriate reception time. Commission documents People of Wards and committees and have a special recordcase that was sent to a waste medicine factory by 30/10/2018 to arrange their time, "the message on the process of processing It is clear.

Shortly after they were warned, rubbish sheets were arrested for a while and dumped out that she was a private company; in the waste spread initiative, so it was impossible to tell the trash. all right. If known, the people of the town at Baile Thuan will meet to talk about the disaster and then make a decision.

Disposal of rubbish (just a 5m to 5f reception show) is difficult to make the rubbish difficult.

At the reception time of a station to move "garbage" (but getting rubbish from 5m to 17f) can do the break-up problems.

"We need daily to waste waste from 2,000-5,000 households, we have to share two travels from the early morning but we can not get rid of 5f in waste. Eat, markets … They are often late, sometimes at 23 o'clock in the night to close the door. We do not clean up litter, we're late, so it can not include waste handling initiatives. managed to sink.

"Rubbish to night at the front of the house is very difficult, not just as long as litter in the car is also easy to damage the car that each repair has to & # 39, cost ten million dollars. We have been working hard for over 10 years, our work is very hard but we do not agree with this, we have to stop it, " Thien said sadly.

As a result of the "blurring" time, the pollution will be infected; hiring the collector at nightclub and catching his / her; day collection to make time for the beach but not yet at the time. Dozens of rubbish cards were late or did not pay a 30,000 VND / ton tax fee; block "door" immediately.

The collection of rubbish truck trucks in the Tuan area was suspended in a town to park in the Thuan Giao farm garden to park on the street.

Charbage truck trucks should be collected in the Tuan area The town "banned door" into the garden of a rubbish refurbishment that needs to park Thuan Giao outdoors.

After considering 17 waste collections, 5/11 afternoon, the Dan Tri Reporter has come to the People's People's Committee for Learning, a representative office of the People's People's Committee of the Town that the Natural Resources Department and the Home Environment The report proposes the management of the handling. However, the content is not clear, so ask PV to leave the content, then send it to leaders to answer Dan Tri. However, the People's Committee at Thuan Town of the Town does not yet have any comments.

For multilateral information, the Reporter Dan Tri continued to talk to the waste control initiative, Ask the director of this unit to contact the director, let's know the director, he was busy reciting and other times. Sometimes later, Reporter Dan sent a message to the answer but still does not.

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