College circle devastations: Furman's win at Villanova, has been on the # 39; hitting two Final Four teams out of the past season


The uh-team team is officially Villanova to start the 2018-19 college basketball season.

At the same time, the national champagne that had been ruled by Furman was Saturday. Villanova 76-68 lost home at pre-rag to a NCAA Championship program since 1980.

The New product comes three days away from the last. is considered to be the result of the brutal product of this young season: 73-46 were beaten at the hands of Michigan. Villanova is away from a senior team of 10 preseason consensus to a team that is likely to get out of all polls coming Monday.

It has been a long time since Villanova was considered like this. However, by losing four players to the NBA, that can do so for you. (More on that below.)

The defeat to Furman was bad enough, but he thought of the minds for Jay Wright, the Villanova program and his fans: in the past five seasons, he took 18 games to Villanova before giving them the second chance . This season took four.

At 2-2, Villanova needs to have a bad scan on a bad case.

Three things to know

1. Furman is in the center of an amazing eight-day range, probably the best in America

November 9: Furman, who opened her season against Bob Jones University, began to start the season hard to played at the Four Four Lelings, Loyola-Chicago. It will benefit its & # 39; game. But not only will it win – it will have a sweet effect just before the seamless sequencer, with permission from Clay Mounce.

November 13: The Paladins run home, in OT, against Gardner-Webb and won 88-86. This is the first of three games in a five-night range for Furman. Amazingly, this is the first long-term profit you have; at the program since 2011. And the previous one came in 2007. No nuts.

November 15: Jordan Jordan Jordan Lyons youth guard connects NCAA – this was also linked the previous night with a player from Robert Morris – by doing 15 points in one game. The most recent example of this came, before Lyons and Robert Morris, and Josh Williams and # doing so on evenings, in 1996. But the album is shocking: the players played the opponent of a sub-Division competition. Lyons' professional night was against North Greenville.

November 17: The Paladins were hitting another four-final team of this season – and making it on the road. Rare performance. (Kansas and Michigan are not on schedule, if you are unsure.) It is safe to say that only a few teams have started to; The first 11 days of the season was so exciting and unexpected, as Bob Richey's Paladins started, a 5-0 season in 1987.

"We're going to keep this item released," said Richey after her & # 39; game, on Fox Sports 2, of his team's preparation. "We did not use it yesterday. We did not use it correctly. We walked through the hotel, and was about tricking people and updating them and knowing this environment. man, they did. "

2. Villanova was not too big to enter the season

It is weird to see the Wildcats out of types. For the second game just, VU sent down her expectations from outside the arc. Against Michigan, the wildcat were poorly 3 out of 15 (20 per cent). On Saturday, there are many others 3s but it's not as good as it has been average in the recent seasons: 14 to 44 (31.8 per cent).

Villanova made 464 3 marks on the last season. That came to 11.6 each game. He set a 1 Division Department single season schedule. When I spoke to Jay Wright in the preseason, he said that the 3-ball attack was still a wind in this team's sailing. It has not been done so far, however. And due to Villanova safety protection games and lack of internal sovereignty, the 3-point burn has suffered.

That needs to be fast established to counter teams to respect VU talent yet clear.

3. Villanova's three platforms are not ready for high quality

One famous name is needed from the shadow of Saturday: Villanova was a gentleman Jahvon Quinerly, who was a guardian in a class of 201 stars, which did not put it in a minute.

Against Michigan it was just eight minutes. It is still on the ground for over 18 minutes in this season's game. It's not an amazing start in one of the best staffing classes in Villanova history. That's putting more emphasis on the two who are in a position. Really Return – Eric Paschall and Phil Booth – who can not do it individually.

All this continues to a prominent point that must be said again however. Wright did not miss Donte DiVincenzo in the worst spring. There is no way, no. And he did not always think that Omari Spellman would Singing on its seasonal season season is now an optional version. But both of them left. And it is clear that Villanova is thrown to unexpected reconstruction.

At the end he will have been on the sophomores – Collin Gillespie (who was a strong Saturday), Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree and Jermaine Samuels – to complete the gaps for Nova here.

We are delighted with November's college steps in a lesser way because of how we can do it. climb the ideas that we recommend about the teams that were registered. Villanova had been so poorer and was to this place.

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