Colo Colo has already set a deadline to hire the new coach and there is also a date for the first time


The Cacique wants the DT to be completed for most December, when the last black and white board meeting will be held annually. First sight? It would be home to Everton, Wanderers and UC in Viña from 15 January.

Colo Colo looks for a & # 39; his new coach after leaving Héctor Tapia after this Sunday, where the Cacique will face U. de Conce for the final date of the National Championship.

But when are the staff who come in to see? expectations? "The dates are the best dates before the end of the year, we have new staff. There is a relationship in January, preseason, you will start playing in the middle of the # 39 ; February. For a time of communication, new staff should be appointed this year, "said Black and White, GRuiz-Tagle open.

In particular, The developer expects to have a & # 39; most on 20 December, where the last board meeting of the year is held to coordinate what is being done. come, such as reinstatement, preseason and friendship.

First sight? It is likely to be on January 15 in a quadrilateral framework to a debate in Viña del Mar, where Colo Colo will be present with Wanderers, Everton and UC. The FOX Sports and DirecTV would be organizing this "small competition".

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