Colombia "forgets" Reinaldo Rueda and leaves it alone to continue working at La Roja


Reinaldo Wheel come to Chile in the beginning of 2018 and has a contract with her; national team to the end Classifications for Qatar 2022, renewable automatically if there is a contribution to its Red Witch for its & # 39; planetary planet. However, after a turbulent year, many voices questioned the continuity of Colombia.

ANFP elections were a stitchstone, but with effect Sebastián Moreno, the idea was given to the rubbish, as the former president of Cobresal has been the principal of Rei held in the office, because his "continuity" order of Arturo Salah

From outside our borders they also made a noise with the name of Rueda, more specific in their native country, as many want to go back after leaving José Néstor Pékerman of those chosen. In addition, the number was 1 letter of the Colombian Football Federation, but over that period. decline.

How he got out Register of Chile In contact with coffee stores, they told Caleño to the forehead "He's not interested in returning to Colombia", because it intends to fulfill its contract with the Red, where it is a comfortable and comfortable feel and aims to achieve the objectives to be able to achieve it; locate the place for its native box and place in the next World Cup.

Wheel Wheel to Attend Graph Chart-ANFP / Sylvio García

Rueda was clear in showing his interests to the Colombian organism, but there are still directors who have a arguing that he should be a coach, as a former president of the Colombian entity, Álvaro González, which prevents the name of its & # 39; The first National Athletics, as he wants a local coach in the place.

For now, Reinaldo Rueda is preparing to travel to Brazil to provide a series of speeches, as a FIFA teacher. He then goes to Colombia to spend the end of the year with his family, and then he will return to Chile to start 2019 the Red planning, with the Copa América of Brazil 2019 as a key focus.

Supporting Colombia

Le Rueda out of his conversation, for his passion for Chile, in Colombia they still have a look at options to play before the national team, where Luiz Felipe Scolari has been successful for the hours, last.

The coach adopted by Brasileirao and Palmeiras is very much thinking about going to a coffee country, since Bogota has now made a formal offer, which needs to investigate its close circle.

Felipao for Rei, the very strong movement in Colombia.

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