5 ways to increase your energy without medicines. T

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The lack of energy will affect not only our organizations but our ability to focus.

There are very few people who are freed from getting time away in which we are all tired.

Whatever we do, the feeling is the same: tiredness.

If you have already been getting rid of medical problems with your doctor, you can make small changes to your daily life to increase your energy levels.

BBC Mundo has consulted on specific sources and makes five recommendations.

1. Learn that you can slow down

Too much overlap can be prone to, and even more trying to implement them in the shortest time possible, but this can be productive and, in fact, reduce your energy levels.

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Much of our energy will have the strength of our energy.

Confidentiality will not be merely for sharing the functions, but for presenting them on the day and, where possible, the week.

"Instead of burning, your battery will be in two hours, He spread to tasks that you can do it in the morning, in the evening and in the evenings, without forgetting to get breathing and eating between them.

This is one of the recommendations for the special health of Harvard University School of Medicine, Harvard Health Publishing.

According to the NHS Health Service, NHS (for English acronym: National Health Service), "it will be showing a lot of energy"

It is for this reason that he proposes to introduce activities that solve you: from listening to music and reading to spend time with your friends.

"Everything that gives breath improves your power", signifies the British organization.

2. Interests can be found in exercises or snakes

Although they may be at the forefront of the spectrum, using or including your energy level can have magical effects.

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Relaxing at work or in your learning and going round the block can immediately affect how you are feeling.

Nothing feels more comfortable than the body and mind than it does short comma, about 20 or 30 minutesWhen you are tired, however, the Harvard Medical School warns:

"If you have a problem falling asleep at night, you need to make it harder to take naps worse."

“If that is the case, the choice is to: move, rise and walk around the block just stand up and move"the American education center is saying.

Maybe you're thinking that exercise is the last thing you cause to do when you are tired. Just! You are tired.

However, as the NHS achieves, regular exercise will help you minimize the damage you cause and we will give you more energy.

"Even 15 minutes walk it increases your energy and the benefits go up as physical activity becomes more frequent. "

  • The 'sleep' gesture which may explain why you are always tired and cold

They are recommended to start with small activity sessions and to wait longer than the weeks and months "until you reach the recommended target of 2.5 hours of moderately high air performance, such as a cycling or walking at a high speed, every week, "said the British group.

And if fatigue is affecting your ability to focus and even think it is affecting your mental achievements, physical activity is also part of the solution because “yes”. immediate effects of the brain"

  • Are you tired all the time? A food change could also help

This is explained by the neurologist Wendy Suzuki in the TedTalk lecture: "The benefits that change as the brain“(“ Brain changes due to physical benefits ”).

"One exercise you are doing." it just increases neurotransmit levels, such as dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. This adds to the atmosphere after the exercise (…) My team (of researchers) showed that only one exercise can improve your ability to change and focus, t and a rise in two-hour density, "said an expert

3. Do not commit improvements

In the market there is a wide range of developments which promise to build your energy levels and even contribute to "anti-aging" improvements.

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Before you improve a vitamin it is recommended that you consult your doctor if you need it.

"There is no evidence that they are working," said Harvard University. And in some cases, "the Other effects will still give the question mark"

according to Harvard Health Publishing, iron, for example, "gives you energy only if you have a clear defect, that a doctor can be found by means of blood testing."

In addition, it shows, it's not essential that you accept it and be aware that too much iron can be dangerous, indeed.

Also remember that foods such as red meat, green vegetables and well-preserved foods such as cereals are rich in iron.

Another example is the family of vitamin B: B1, B2, B6, B12.

"Although it is true that" help the body convert food into energy that can burn cells, eat more vitamin B, don't fills the cells, "said the university.

According to the NHS, most people you don't need to take vitamin supplements to improve your energy levels.

"You can find all the vitamins and minerals essential in a healthy and balanced diet."

However, there are people who may be able to get a little insurance and need improvement. Therefore, it is important to consult the doctor before making any improvements.

4. Don't fall into the sweet snap

Be wise when you decide what fuel you are providing.

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Although sugar is still the best solution to raise energy levels.

“White clay from the bakehouse will give you lots of calories, but your body tends to symbolize quickly and you can t put underwater water in sugar and with tiredness, "said the school.

Look better elsewhere:

“You keep a more stable energy rating if you like lean proteins and unimproved carbohydrates, try yoghurt with a few nuts, raisins and honey, so your body can absorb your carbohydrate and protein gradually gradually. . "

The Harvard publication is also praised Don't feed until the body gets its nutrition through the day.

The NHS agrees: "If you eat regularly, it is easier for you to keep your energy levels up."

"Try to eat three dinners a day, if needed, eat between food snack food or a healthy snack, like low-calorie fruit or yoghurt, "he says.

Indeed, according to the UK constitution, it is a good way of relieving fatigue by "eating food on a regular basis" t snacks every 3 to 4 times are healthy, instead of having large meals.

The NHS is also warning about this there is no food, including those categorized as “superfoods”, which itself compensates for an unhealthy diet.

“There is no evidence that one food provides more energy,” he says.

5. Take care about caffeine

Although we many have a feeling that it has a direct impact and we do not reproduce a day without it, the eyes of many experts are remembered.

According to the NHS, Royal College of Psychologists (RCE) tRoyal College of Economiststhat suggests that anyone who is tired will destroy caffeine.

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Change from time to time can affect your feelings and energy levels.

And he says "the best way to do is stop drinks, take up slowly, some drinks for 3 weeks."

Remember not only caffeine in coffee and tea, but in energy drinks and sage.

"Try not to spend caffeine for a month to see it if you are not feeling so tired without it", this is the designation of the NHS.

The British health center also recommends drinking water.

“Sometimes you feel tired just because of it you have a little water"he is telling.

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