After 32 years, ADA takes away tools to avoid extra costs

With just one year less than those completed when you were traveling on the Antioquia Airline (ADA), t Directed by Andres Betancur, carrying directors of this 32-year-old engine, who provided 12 routes, four of them was from one operator from the Olaya Herrera Airport there. time Medellín: Tilt, Caucasia, Acandí and El Bagre.

This is because progress has been made in the service from 40% to 90% from 2017, t the loss of the 400 million pesos lost by the air company each month did not have affected it for six of the ten aircraft it landed on, owing to repairs it wasn't possible for the ADA pocket to support it.

Betancur stressed that it is a shame as “the best working time of the company” and was just a few months looking for local, international or union partners to give its hand. the company, which is now the owner of Medellín, 28 March had to stop sales of tickets and stop the work for a time; decide to produce a tears amongst the 265 employees currently employed, but given the uncertainty with the news again with the ADA.

Emergency treatment began on land yesterday with passengers who couldn't believe what was happening. Some people had bought the ticket just a few hours before stopping stopping, and others had health problems which prevented them from traveling through other means. For now, companies such as EasyFly and Satena have helped to move some passengers; in addition to the use of charter trips and, in some cases, the money was returned.

The Civil Revolution said they are careful not to break passenger rights and to chase the El Pindo airport of Montelíbano, which is 40 minutes from Caucasia, to take action. remove the risks of closure (regular airlines or charter trips or Aerotaxis), which minimize the impact of closure.

The Aerocivil said that he has been coordinating that other companies are providing the regional transport that ADA has loaned., interim or all the time. For the moment, the Aerocivil suspended consent, through Section No. A t 00866 of March 29, to the airline that gave 15% of passengers in the Olaya Herrera last year.

What happened to the ADA to stop work?

In recent months, there was a decrease in our income due to catastrophic accidents in the aircraft.

Some of the birds that came to the mills and left the plane on the ground. The solution to this is between 300,000 and 400 thousand dollars, per damage. This has affected the economic potential to meet operating costs.

How many planes worked?

We got 11 and last year we closed with 4; We started with five, we were at a flat level in June, one plane left on the ground, and we didn't have the economic ability to mend it. At this time the action is stopped, it is not closed, we might put it back in, because it's not a self-sufficient system so it's not the biggest . We are at a stage where, if we decide to stop altogether, we can respond to the responsibilities of the partners.

What are the duties?

We have a deficit of 400 million pesos per month, but we do not want to get to the point where the deficit is higher than the resources. We have a heritage of 62 billion pesos, we are far above the commitments, we can double them much, but we make a strong decision.

How did the airline close in 2018?

Last year we had a 40 billion pesos income and closed a loss of 3,600 million, a very similar figure to engine repairs; as well as lost profits.

What strategies did you use to avoid?

We look for new funding: investors, retailers, mergers, but none of them have been realized. There are questions to be answered for time, with Aerocivil and workers; with them we are going to finish the next week the best decision for the company.

What is the value of ADA?

They are confidential data we hold with our intended clients. There is still interest.

How many staff have been affected?

We have 265 staff, but we have a contract, which is not set aside. Staff will normally be paid, and one of the main reasons why we decided to make the restriction.

How many passengers were moving, how many tickets were given and for how long?

We moved 17,000 passengers a month. We were able to deliver 9000 tickets to August as tours are usually planned in advance.

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