After breaking dead motorcycle vehicles in Bucaramanga

B & B traffic disaster; in a mortal yesterday on the road from Bucaramanga going to Rionegro village, Santander, for a 21-year-old man named Andres Felipe Rivera Villamizar.

The victim, according to the authorities, was around 9:20 a.m. on his home in the town of La Esmeralda, in the capital of Santander, on his way to work in foreign company.

Rivera Villamizar had just traveled a few kilometers under the control of the brand Honda motorbike, FHR-07A, when it was in front of the Vijagual Refrigerator, on the previous road corridor, was involved in a combat with a tractomula plane, SZN- 356.

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According to the first draft given by the authorities and witnesses, today's deceased was moving into the Rionegro road – Bucaramanga and, apparently, the heavy car was attacking his way.

"I was there when I saw a lot opened up, then I felt that the blow was and I saw the boy on a motorcycle that was thrown down. I think it's the misunderstanding of its cell, "said Ingrid Milena Morales, a witness about the event.

After a strong impact, the motorcyclist was lying on the asphalt, beside his motorcycle, with serious injury to the thorax.

"He breathed but we could not even pull it off." The laird said that there was a parker car and that was why he had to open it, but there was nothing here, "said the source.

Andrés Felipe was assisted and moved to the Northern Constabulary, where he reached important clarifiers. Bucaramanga Traffic Management took away the bodies.

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The relatives of the deceased person, who were regarded as Pipe, asked the translation authorities for a rigorous scrutiny to clarify the old road.

"We want the authorities to clarify the truth, justice is really done. He was very happy, hardworking and pushing forward, he was always happy," said the victim of the victim.

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