An exmanager says that Juan Gabriel lives: Juan Gabriel, am I alive, but very ill? | Trends

On August 28, 2016 the world was ruined by the death of Juan Gabriel.

Singer-songwriter Mexico, known as one of the most important of our musicto give her a show the previous night The Forum from Los Angeles

As shown in the autopsy, he died after her intensive microbial care As long as he was a room on Santa Monica Beach, California

The stories will not get lost at all. However, in the case of Juan Gabriel, his previous manager has recently replaced this sentence.

In statements, it's up to that Juan Gabriel lives.

The fact that Juan Gabriel's re-appearance is still a move since he was exmanager He said the singer was still alive. This time he says the name is famous in poor health suffering from blood.

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"His cough, blood has been removed, angina, fever, has now been in bed for three days ", some of the words that the assistant had had; Previously describing the Mexican composer of music.

He also said, since his death was "proven", they are still in communication, so farto speak every day, to cooperate with what you need and be in the care of the artist.

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