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Andean Beer, from the Ardila Lülle group, comes into the market in Colombia

Carlos Ardila Lülle decided to go into the lawn market in 1992. "One night awoke me and, after a lot of laps, I finished his decision: tell me we were going to enter the business, "the businessman remembered. to the Week magazine two decades ago. It was the final investment of US $ 270 million at the time, which planted a plantation where it started to make Liona. Now, 27 years later, his business dream is a to return, but this time under the brand Andean, with which he is waiting Conquer 17% of the market.

Its first aim appears to be similar to the 1990s. In January 1995, the Ardila Lülle Organization He asked that Lion's live on his market, three months after that, made sure that he had already drunk over 43% of the province in Bogota and that He has taken 400,000 hectoliters of leeks from his rival: Bavaria. There is a rhythm similar to the agency, hoping to have a & # 39; New 100% Colombian group, which will be added to portable treatment at Central Cervecera de Colombia (CCC), made up of brands such as Heineken, Coors Light, Tecate, SOL and Miller Lite.

Andina learned, a LR signaling record that updated the CCC in the Business and Industry Directorate (SIC) in January to identify class 32 (Beers and other products) results, into a business where Bavaria focuses almost 97% of sale, which reaches a year in the country of almost $ 25 billion according to Euromonitor; Figures over countries such as Argentina and Chile; but still far from the sale of Brazil and Mexico.

In addition to that, for a market that is To achieve expectations, the new chapter also includes to be & # 39; Creating other brands in the plant in Sesquilé, which is already working, and for experts it's promising to be successful, since "the innovative spirit has always been in the organization's DNA and now it's a market Users are open to try more options. "

In addition, the context is now different, and CCC, who is a partner, is a young company, the Chilean Company of Unions (CCU), under the control of Luksic Group, but with A brand that already lives in a large part of the market. market.

According to Raúl Ávila, he is a National University education, who is winning his / her; market today "because CCC has strong strength, that is a situation distributing channels for the Postobón topic. So, it's easy for them to get there and clearly be involved in the improvements they are doing. "

At this point the expert said that it is still a challenge, since then "The scenes now under the Financial Law say that costs are overcoming For many brands that would affect growth in the average yield, companies such as Media need to consider strategies that can create a greater number of users within business and business representations. This will mean a big bet on development issues, innovation, the use of invitations, sustainability issues and everything that has moved into a strategy for creating value. A song that helps to keep the situation up, so it is a good commitment to the Organization and the Center. "

In terms of business capacity for the coming years, experts are similar Juanchi Vélez, who founded 3 mountain ranges, said in InsideLR that this is still high, including in countries such as the Czech Republic that 145 letters per year are transported by human beings and in Colombia who do not; per capita spend but 44 liters reach average, after similar pairs such as Mexico and Brazil.

Now, Not the only thing in Andina that the brewing company has done, because it would end up building its & # 39; a representative part of Heineken at home & # 39 ;; with which they aim to get more room.

Some information about the bull

Come in with a stomach and bottle of glass. It will have a leaflet that shows many colors in blue and yellow. In addition, we see a condor that is a Combining some mountain-based figures that connect people with the natural and diversity of the Colombian Department of Colombia. However, still the characteristics of its flavor are not recognized, but as the Central Cervecera of Colombia can prove, this is a & # 39; The first century for a planned business that passed $ 27.6 trillion by 2021.

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