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Anuel AA awaits the old Karol G fight in a TV show

The singer Anuel AA an old memory of his sweetheart and fellow worker was made Karol G After being shared on his Instagram account, a small fragment of an old war fighting the singer in Venezuelan's TV program at the start of his musical career.

The event happened more than 7 years ago, when the country first ended with the singer. T Reykon with the title 301 & 39; and in the framework of the promotion, the artist attended the international program Match 4 & # 39; had a set of questions and answers of a shared culture and had to help one of the participants to work.

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Once they started to register, the interpreter My Bed & My; He asked the production team to balance the questions for them and the opposition team, which they thought was unfair, but He received a strong reply.

Also, Venezuelan's actress Ivette Domínguez he was desperate to hear that Karol had never been notified of an invitation to her: t "We aren't in a competition that we know best. With every respect I don't know you anymore."

The singer felt so bad for the criticism that she had been sent out, however the actor went into the room and in the middle of the debate he threw a glass of glass. When he reached the rain he had to put a number of people in to stop the blows.

Eventually he was so angry Karol G who took her companion and asked her to go away, once they saw such a foolish thing that they would not record anything, the programme's presenter absorbed her and admitted that it was the back of the job and that everyone was full of fun.

Here is the cookie section by Anuel AA:

Then, we leave your peats:

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