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As they achieved by encouraging adults to become 60 or 70 years old they can remember a 20-year-old child

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A test returned with a temporary memory of a young person to the elderly.

Remember that you will have twenty years of 60 or 70 years of age.

That is what a team of researchers encouraged the brain from a group of volunteers with him imelectric beams, achieve its bettera active (temporary) memory.

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Participants taking part in the audition carried out by the Boston University (USA) were over 60 and 70 years old and were able to recall someone aged 40 years ago for about 50 minutes.

This study seeks to explore more widely the use of brain stimulation to help people in everyday life or on it disease management as the Alzheimer's.

What is active memory?

Memory memory or memory is the ability of the mind save temporary information.

It needs to remember that number when a person wants it.

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Researchers hope the brain will eventually be used to treat many brain diseases.

Recalling problems, mathematical calculations and making decisions also include active memory or memory.

Robert Reinhart, a professor at Boston University and one of the researchers in this study says that he remembers "especially where the conscience is living."

She has a working memory differed from long-term memory, which gives the person the day to remember the first day at school, their wedding day, their pet in their life, etc.

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But people lose naturally active memory with age.

Can it be encouraged?

In the survey, published in the journal The nature of the brain, 42 people over 20 years old and 42 others aged over 60 or 70 years of age.

Everyone played to show the differences between two fallen images.

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Active memory ability is lost to grow.

Young adults were quicker and more precise without a type of brain movement, while older adults had progressed with brainwave.

"We can get past it the highest memory memory capability "That was when you were younger," explained Reinhart.

  • The "careful" memory of an old age is more reliable

“This is important because the world is rising rapidly, and the old people are struggling with lots of activities in the world that rely largely on their memories. '

These included recognizing human faces, remembering to accept their medication and taking financial decisions.

How does that encourage?

The researchers were aiming for waves in two areas of the brain involved in active memory. the temple and the preamble.

“The brain seems to be like a director of a musician and a custom low frequency rhythms (brain waves) to communicate information, ”said Reinhart.

Analysis showed we are getting older the brain waves are out of sync, like the musicians who do not co-ordinate.

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The research will try to re-coordinate the brains like young people.

The team at Boston University began by recording the brains of brains with electroencephalogram.

They then used electric stimulation, particularly an inter-tidal flow, to vote to reinforce and refine it the brain waves.

Does it really work?

Researchers and other scientists want to see it re-tested with large groups of participants to ensure results.

The other question is whether the memory development was recorded in this inspection make a big difference in everyday life.

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The timing of this incentive is unknown, as the survey only carried out an assessment of people for 50 minutes.

To be useful in everyday life, you need to have a long-term advantage or ways of making the technology easier.

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Scientists are looking for patients with brain problems to benefit from improved memory with movements.

Would he be involved in Alzheimer?

The research was only done in healthy people, so it is impossible to make decisions about diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Researchers are waiting the promotion of brain movement is someway treatment Different brain problemsfrom dementia to autism, disorder awareness and epilepsy.

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The Alzheimer's Society welcomed the report: "Circulation and correction of brain processes by technology is an exciting new research trail for dementia."

What do the experts think?

Dorothy Bishop, professor of neuropsychology development at Oxford University, said: "it would be too old to distribute the results to people with clinically important memory problems.

"There are no signs have a beneficial motivational impact The lesson will continue beyond the exam sessionhe said he said.

The researcher said that a lot more research was needed before it concluded that there was clinical practice in this way.

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