Bacteria may cause the depression of the Tuairisgeul

Some of our products that are present in our love may affect our mental balance, and above all to influence the extent to which suffering may suffer, according to a large survey published this week.

A Belgian team of researchers examined stool samples from over 1,000 volunteers and found that there were two families of less organized drugs in people who were severely broken and included. Those who had been treated unfit.

The survey, based on a population sample of 1,000 Dutch, the conclusions confirming the establishment of a statistical relationship between the number of specific fuels and the level of wellbeing and mental health, describing the article published in the Nature Microbiology knowledge magazine.

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The study does not show the causes and effects of relationships, and emphasizing Jeroen Raes, one of the leading authors that enhances the understanding of the links between coal and brain is an initial level.

The families of inventors are involved, Coprococcus and Dialister, They know they had anti-inflammatory buildings.

However, we also know that the weirding of the weird device is in a serious way of depression, so our idea is that the two relationships are related in a certain way, "he explained. amphitheater professor at the Roman Catholic University of Louisiana, in Belgium

"The idea is that material derived from microbial metabolism can interact with our brain, so with our behaviors and emotions, it's interesting."says Raes.

"So far, most mice studies or a small number of people have done, and the results faced each other," he said.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 300 million people around the world suffer from depression. Sometimes referred to as a "silent disease", this geography is one of the main reasons for the 800,000 registered self-killings annually.

Non-pollutants are among the most prescribed medicines in a number of countries, But such an investigation could open the door to new types of treatments for this disease, Jeroen Raes.

"I believe it's a way forward to use a mixture of medicines as a cure," he said.

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