Can you forget your password? So you can find different cell phone requests with your fingerprint

This will be possible for users with a version of 7.0 or longer on their tools. The update is enabled to & # 39; using a fingerprint or PIN to submit a variety of services, are set out The name.

In this way, Google searches that people have new approaches much more secure, because bio-data data is more difficult to steal or reproduce, and # 39; indicate that this means.

According to Christiaan Brand, the producer of Gniogle, "this is better, since the server's server break can not show any data that can erase the keys that you use to access the service . "

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In addition, with devices that are not aware of fingerprints, Android will use PIN or pattern as proofing methods.

This was created through integrating Google Play Services with FIDO2, an open status developed by FIDO Alliance, the partnership that addresses people's difficulties when it comes to & # 39; create and record names and passwords.

For this reason, Free Android says that browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Edge are not compatible with those activities. However, for this it is essential that the developers of apps & # 39; and web pages that interact with FID interfaces.

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