Cancer: How can we stop? THE UNIVERSAL

SAccording to the International Research Group (IARC), in 2018, there were 9,140 confirmed cases of colorectal cancer in Colombia, and 4,396 in men and 4,744 in women.

According to the IARC, in Colombian women, the disease is the second cause of new cancer conditions (the event), following breast cancer, and in men the third cause of new cancer cases, after cancer. breast and cancer. breast cancer

Thus, the Gastroenterology Society of Colombia will be exhibiting its mission, which invites everyone to save his life, because this disease is infected. T sustainable. It is your hands to have the marks, take the tests in time and seek a healthy life.

The president of the Gastroenterology Society of Colombia, Dr. Fabio Leonel Gil Parada said, “The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of the public over 50 years of the risks of colorectal cancer and the need for early detection tests. If early calcareous cancer is found, it is possible to treat and treat it. A colonoscopy can also prevent cancer by finding red-headed ducks, or reducing associated problems and mortality when the disease is present. This test provides the patient and the doctor with the best option to prevent and detect the disease early. "

According to the society's president, there are two categories of risk that can be changed and which remain unchanged.

Within the change risk factors are obesity and obesity, an inactivated lifestyle, high consumption of red meat and processed meat, and alcohol and cigarette consumption.

The age factors of factors are not a changed risk, so people over 50 should be given colopsy, as the risk of developing this disease can increase with age. The risk of colorectal cancer also increases in people with breast cancer, including grid fever and Crohn's disease.

Other risk factors are family history, and all racial groups have the highest mortality and mortality of colorectal cancer.

Similarly, people with Type 2 diabetes (who are usually not dependent on insulin) are more able to develop breast cancer.

30 minutes a day of exercise: t

There are only a few minutes of physical activity that must be in order to reduce the balance of finding out that you have colorectal cancer. Aerobic exercises are recommended.


Taking five servings of fruit or vegetables every day contributes to a diet that could improve health in the bowel and reduce the risk of this disease.

Stop smoking:

Because of the presence of carcinogenic substances, it has been shown that there is a significant correlation between tobacco consumption and the development of a range of cancer types.


Too much alcohol has been associated with the appearance of skeletal cancer.

Visit your doctor:

To give him advice and do the tests he considers it necessary.

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