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Cardiovascular risk at yo-yo diets | Distribution

Yo-yo, no diet "miracle" could prevent the control of risk factors for heart disease. Indeed, women who had one or more of the yo-yo weight levels were 82% more likely to have a big body record.

Yo-yo diets are such a diet that promises mid-term loss but, in the longer term, the person will have more pressure. Pixabay

An yo-yo diets it can make it difficult to control several things risk of heart disease, according to the initial research presented at the 2019 Scientific Sessions on the life and cartoons of the American Society of American Terrorism and Change, a global exchange of the latest advances in cardiovascular science based on the people for researchers and clinicians.

"In general, healthy stress is recommended for a healthy heart, but it is difficult to stress the weight Changes in stress can make it harder to achieve good cardiac health"said the main author of the study, Brooke Aggarwal, professor of Medical Sciences at the College of Surgeons and Physicians at Columbia University, New York, United States.

The researchers surveyed 485 women (with an average age of 37 years, 61 per cent of ethnic minorities / clans, with an average corporate frequency record of 26, in the heavy sector) a & # 39; Participating in the Focusral Research Network on the Focus of American Heart Association at Columbia University, New York.

Women's reports how many times (except when they were pregnant) lost at least 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms), only to get their weight in a year. They were evaluated by using & # 39; Life's Simple 7, from an American Heart Society, a measure of how people are living. Control of dangerous factors for heart disease (including body index, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar). , smoking, physical activity and diet).

An equal body mass is 82% less

Most women (73 per cent) said at least one program of weight-weight yo-yo, with a range of nonsense to 20 episodes. Researchers found that women with one or more programs of lowering yo-yo stress 82% were more likely to have a big body record (between 18.5 and 25, they are too light or too heavy for their height).

In addition, 51% were more likely to be rated as a Life & Simple 7 & # 39; assessment; and 65 per cent more likely to be rated overall in that measure. In addition to the levels of rounds of grants of weight, lower than their classification in & # 39; Life's Simple 7s, according to researchers. The impact of damaging stress changes had the total score of Life's Simple 7 & # 39; Improved women who were never pregnant.

"Until history women have not been pregnant with a child and may have been at the age of younger age." We need to identify the critical times to have an impact on the risk of heart disease during Life to find out if it's worse when women start a roller coaster diet at an early age, "said Aggarwal.

The analysis is restricted to make a difference in the loss of weight and purpose, and is based on data that the partners have information about; given and the measures taken in one minute. Aggarwal stressed that the team can not tell at the moment if the yo-yo has a bad impact on the Life's' s Simple 7 & # 39; or those who do not comply with the command & # 39; Life's Simple 7+ more problems to maintain low stress and usually reduce yo-yo diet. The results of the investigation in women may not be broad to people.

"We hope to expand the survey from five to ten years to consolidate these results and looking at the long-term effects, "said Aggarwal." However, previous research was carried out which showed a similar result to men, and those who have been through stress oscillations threatened the death of a quarterly "middle-aged death".

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