Chapter 1 of Betty an Ugly

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Ecomoda, a well-known fashion company and has a post for chairman's secretary.

Betty (Ana María Orozco), an unhappy woman, but with many reviews, and Patricia (Lorna Cepeda), who is different to her beautiful, but not so interesting competition, is the women what's appear to get the job.

Beatriz Pinzón Solano arrived at Ecomoda to present the interview with Gutiérrez. But Gutiérrez decided to give Patricia the work due to his appealing attraction.

Gutiérrez tells Armando that the chosen one was Patricia, but it was unlikely to have been his idea in Armando because he did not. find a beautiful girl, but is well prepared and that is bilingual.

On the other hand, Armando (Jorge Enrique Abello), will be the new president of the company instead of Roberto's father (Kepa Amuchástegui).

When one of the company's collections was launched, Daniel (Luis Mesa) argues with Armando, as he does not agree because he is going to take over the leadership. In addition, Armando is hosting the event to give Marcela (Natalia Ramírez) his duty.

Armando will review the Betty leaflet and his / her; thinks that he is a suitable candidate for his career, so she is coming out to be cited for an interview with her father and Marcela.

Armando and Roberto are surprised by Betty's information and believe that she is the perfect candidate; in it. But Marcela does not agree with Betty to be taking place in the place due to her physical appearance and her. Explain that Patricia is the secretary.

Finally, Armando decided to bring his job to Betty and will be the next secretary of President Ecomoda.

Betty will come to her house to give her parents a good news, what her parents do not know she is in the secretary's role. As her parents have shown that she will be involved in a regulatory role.

What happens when Betty's parents find out that she is a secretary?

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