Chelsea vs. Manchester United – Match report – 18 February, 2019

LONDON (EFE) – Solskjaer flows. Paul Pogba will be cast on her & # 39; grid, connecting an important one and its & # 39; Put United in the FA Cup in the fourth year. There are a few meters, Sarri will crying. His team co-ops against her & her; Am Baile with a decay and his belief is over. Manchester United already has more Chelsea equipment and it is not unavoidable at Stamford Bridge.

In the relationship between two teams who came to attack and injured in their horrors and confidence, Manchester United added more, just those of Ander Herrera and Paul Pogba to escape Chelsea out of Cup FA and Maurizio Sarri leave the wire. .

The Red Devils & #, which were being supported for the quarter-quarter, have been launched. The co-ordination of Chelsea was very immense with the two teams with Herrera's and Pogba's main objectives to go beyond the informal series of Sarri, who has a " The project is a little longer than a week, it seems it's faster faster.

With two pressure teams to feel on the edge, one went down to the sixth in the league after 6-0 had committed against Manchester City, and another was eliminated by the League In Europe, the trips were lost and they left free football clever, unsuitable for the tension of cross dealers.

So until the first 25 minutes group of attack games appeared. The United was first moved into teams and his goal was to draw Romelu Lukaku, Herrera and Marcus Rashford and even at risk of innocent Kepa trying to control his goal and Rashford's fright is almost stunned.

Chelsea was worried, but influenced the original development of Red Devils & # 39; and responded with the authority of those who have their feelings at home with the image of Pedro Rodríguez, Hazard and a cousin by Gonzalo Higuain.

David de Gea was not there, but Sergio Romero kept the clubs well and United added, little, the sprint & Blue; sink.

The only grieved under the number of Solskjaer's number of Paul Pogba was missing and the first goal of the game was facing the possible blue weather.

The Gaul threw several bicycles into the lime line. He was on the left side until Herrera won behind the entire Chelsea defenses and in particular Marcos Alonso, and Pogba took a beautiful center on the right that a Spanish spouse entered the net.

White spinning; The Frenchman was forced to release his game and he chose another Pogba's anthomology. The middle of glacia stole one of the big problems & # 39; Blues in & # 39; center, opened in the depths of Rashford, waiting for Pogba to come and put a measuring point.

The French threw himself in the iron, Kepa can do more to get involved and long while he was 0-2 on his / her; the playground, Pogba was marked behind the Stamford Bridge strike.

A week after the town overseas and on the breach of the wounds against Malmoe, the United States grew over them with unwillingness.

The apricot had not been sufficiently broken to reduce the clear Chelsea problems that do not. ruled that Jorginho was the brain in Naples, that Kanté's goal goes to the player's new position and that Higuaín is in a position; find out the scary smell

Sarri's crime, apparently surprised by the states and who sees the future in London seems to have been a crime. become darker. At the moment, he is out of the FA Cup and with the final of the League Cup in six days. The sweetheart is breathing and drowning Sarri.

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