Coca-cola will launch a new flavor, after ten years

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Image: Coca-cola
  • Coca-Cola is the fifth most important commercial organization in the world; 66,000 340 million dollars worth.

  • The Soft Drinks section represents sales of over 99,000 681 million dollars, except in the US.

  • Coca-Cola had not given Coke a new taste in a decade.

It is not new to say that Coca-cola one of the most active market indicators, as well as one of the largest awareness However, this does not mean you do not have to move or change.

And, despite the fact that the market has drunk to & # 39; reducing more natural and healthy materials in recent years, reducing the volume of sugar, we talk about a billion dollar market.

It is only in the United States that is expected the Soft Drinks section represents sales of over 99,000 681 million dollars, according to the data assessed in Statista.

Expand the goods catalog

Of course, the drink market has been very large, but just as competitive, with the various brands and materials that try to connect to the user.

This is perhaps the reason why Coca-Cola was encouraged to launch a new flavor for his main Coke drink, which he did not do in the last ten years.

It is about it Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar two types that add to & # 39; catalog currently offered by the brand and that will be launched for the US market at the end of the # 39; February.

According to company, named Businesswoman, The the new product was the result of one year of research to add new flags to your classic choke.

In this regard, Kate Carpenter, brand director Coca-Cola, is named by him Fortune, add it to it the decision will respond to give a variety of new tastes to the user because they realized that "our fans wanted to choose, but they get it out of their brand".

The "Best Brandon of World 2018", prepared by Interbrand, has placed Coca-Cola as the fifth most prestigious commercial organization in the world, enlisted on 66,000 340 million dollars.

Response to the market

From Coca-Cola, they indicate that the user is looking for different materials and that their choice was not always within their & # 39; catalog they offer.

So, so that they do not sell these sales to competitors brands, Pepsi o Beinn Bheinn, it can be said that a new taste cast can be a successful move.

This reflects only in the United States, Coke has 13.9 per cent of measuring divisions, but Pepsi continues 6.4 per cent, Mountain New with 4.7 per cent and Dr Pepper with 4.3 per cent, every one of different types of drinks with different flavors, so you can not afford to market a market.

Usually occur in those cases, if the user has a & # 39; Welcome to Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar, they are likely to be launched in other markets, such as Mexico, as a medium.

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