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Date to get SA tests Against Santrich to win this Monday – JEP Colombia – Justice

The Special Power for Peace (JEP) needs to decide on what happened to the ex-guerrilla of Farc Jesus Santrich, an application to eliminate drug traffickers with the United States, with the evidence that & 39; access to & # 39; that particular justice so far Monday at 5 p. m.

Without the term, from 40 days, the same JEP was given to get the proverb against the Santrichs that lies in the North American country and that this would help him with this justice Special to explain if the previous headteacher should have been extinct from his & # 39; Charibbean Died to be issued or if his disagreement is to explain to the High Court of Justice.

The event may be the case if it is confirmed that drug trafficking, where Santrich is prosecuted, was after 1 December 2016, a date where the peace agreement between the State and the Farc.

On November 15, the JEP had confirmed its request for co-operation to the US authorities to find out about the file against Santrich, the New York Court, because they are said to try to send 10 tons of coconut to the United States of Colombia. But, as advanced by the US ambassador, Kevin Whitaker, this country does not appear to have the file evidence to JEP.

In this way, the Review Section of the Court needs for Peace, as is this interim sovereignty that will investigate; question, decision within 10 business days based only on the information made – the complaint in which they are named. the drug trafficking costs – and the conceptions made by the Colombian Democrats Office and that of capturing the capture of the old guerrilla leader.

Santrich, which has been held since April and now in the La Picota prison, has been trying to keep off his innocent.
"I have never been involved in legal or illegal businesses, not only for drug trafficking. I have never done or never thought of moving grams of cookie anywhere. I'm not a lawsuit, I'm back-live and as a sinner, "he said last week, in a pre-hearing before the State Council.


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