EA: We see more of Star Wars and Titanfall this year

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<p>Probably <em><strong>Titanfall 3</strong> </em>It is not developed as expected. However, that seems to be<strong> Light Heavy Extreme</strong> Working on a secret project that is related to its prestigious licensing, one different <em><strong>Apex stories</strong></em>    and that could expand the globe into the lines even larger.</p>
<p>This evening during the most recent share of shareholders <strong>EA</strong> head of company, <strong>Andrew Wilson</strong>, that appeared <strong>Terms of Use</strong> Working on a world-wide (paid) price project <em><strong>Titanfall</strong></em>, there will be a special character "in addition to everything". Although he did not want to go into more information, he did not say but we will know more about it in the coming months.</p>
<p>His own also spoke to the director's words <strong>Vince Zampella</strong>, founder <strong>Terms of Use</strong>, who recited that they are working on something related to it <strong><em>Titanfall</em></strong>. However, he did not want to give more information about what this project is going to do.</p>
<p>In addition to the above, <strong>Wilson</strong> He also said that the team was <strong>Terms of Use</strong> Continue to work hard in development <em><strong>Jedi Star Wars: Order extinct</strong></em>. Indeed, the Government said that it is already very advanced and could even play a demo on the last week, which it was amazing and very tidy. That said, the manager said that one of the most exciting games in which the inspection is <strong>Zampella</strong> and that's still going to be launching this autumn this year.</p>
<p>Well, at least it is good to know that we can expect to see something <em><strong>Titanfall</strong> </em>in the next few months. But what will this mystery project so far?</p>
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