Five men with HIV to women

Men who were living with HIV / AIDS women were pregnant. informing the State Health Administration.

Kristel García, who was responsible for the rapid test program, explained that there are 172 people in State in state, with 146 of these.

In the Fight Against AIDS Fight Day framework, which is celebrated on 1 December each year, the authorities will take the next campaign campaign to carry free exams.

Previously, healthcare has been recommended to those who have generic sexual life to use condoms, which are free of charge in any health unit and that they do not have. regardless of their right.

They also want the test to be inserted from time to time, regardless of gender or gender choice. In addition, there is a special recommendation for those with uninhabited gender, gender staff and their clients, as well as those who are experiencing a disability; use of dispersed drugs and their machine division. (With information from Orlando Chávez / El Diario)

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