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[Fotos y videos] Family of Legarda recites the singer

"Tell me so", the phrase María and Daniela (sisters), Patricia (mother) and Fabio were recorded in their skin, along with the signature of interpreter & # 39; Nutella &

Indeed, her sister Maria in the Instagram story said that this was the first tattoo and had never been thinking about a & # 39; grow one. "We took the phrase and signature of Fabio and we issued it as a family", the young woman said.

Daniela also published a picture of the engraving, promised to fight her dreams and she will always think of her brother as she and she; look at her hand.

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For this reason, Fabio Legarda Sr. A picture also of the phrase put on his back and accompanying a moving dedication for his dead son.

"I promised, I tried, I did it, I told you. Legarda", he wrote in that social network.

Finally, each one of them spreads an image where every grate is in; come out with the usual line of the wonderful singer in the home, along with cell phone with the following message.

"+ Dreams – Bullets. Look at what you want because you can not take souvenirs."

Again, the stories about Daniela Legarda where her whole family leaves, and her. tattoo the Legarda phrase, and his family publications with the new tattoo:

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