How to listen to your WhatsApp messages before sending them

There is a trick in WhatsApp which lets you listen to them voice messages before sending them, something useful if you want to review the audio of a message and, if you do not like it, delete it.

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<p>The <strong>voice notes</strong> en <strong>WhatsApp </strong>It is one of the most useful functions in the event that text can not be written at that time, for that reason several functions have been implemented that allow the experience to be improved, in this case we will see a trick that involves interrupting the recording of a <strong>voice note</strong> to be able to review it.</p>
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This trick is easy to perform, it also works with Android y iPhone.

To listen to a message of voice Enter the conversation you want to send the note, then press the microphone icon from the lower right corner as if you were to send a voice note Normal, then slide the icon up and you will see a lock.

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<p>Record the message and exit the conversation, either to the main menu or by closing the application, return to the conversation again and you will see that you appear <strong>message of voice</strong> where you write, there you can listen to it and decide whether to send it or erase it.</p>
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