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Margarita Ramírez could not be worse with her; Calls received in mid-July last year. His telecommunications company left Clara to tell her that her husband had a debt of 3 million pesos. A question arose in a woman's mind: "how is it possible, if my husband is dead?"

Of course, On behalf of its partner, the sale of two high-quality car phones and individual data plans, they got all four months after his death, in 2016.

Margarita started a trial process to prove that she was suffering from fraud and her husband's identity was laid down.

The death certificate and other documents helped him to confirm that someone else was buying their purchase. Almost every month later he got a contact from the company telling him that he was free of charge and, therefore, sent any notice to him about the future.

However, he did not receive details of how the damage was ruled, and that is why the doubt is going to be; follows: "Where did they get the information, the data and their # 39; identity card? We still did not have a plan, we just want to use the summaries that we are going to use again, that is, "he says.

Claro did not immediately give information about this particular case, but his response to EL TIEMPO said that, for issues of identity stole, he has a serious area of ​​suffering. Then he uses, he said, "Ultimate security technology technology and control of people who include biometric awareness, consolidate identity with risk centers and databases of the National Record. "It is also similar mechanisms to those used by the financial and banking system.

But, then, how does a criminal tell someone to do something? you? Is there enough copy of the ID to take debts on behalf of someone else?

Although unsuccessful findings are unfamiliar with the way in which the deceased was killed by Margarita, the experts agree that there are more resources every time so that the third party can obtain the most information from who allows them to comply with this goal
The internet is, of course, the easiest, fastest and most explicit.

People do not understand the output and transformation that we are doing; live. Everyone we create data that is then used as a resource. We are all vulnerable to everywhere

In fact, using authenticity on the internet is one of the most common types in the country. The National Police Cybernetic Center, through the Virtual CAI, received over 200 complaints in 2018.

"The main network of major information in the network is. Our data can be sold not only on the internet, but with companies"Explain Josué Ariza, a cybersecurity expert and regional director for the Caribbean and South America of the Forcepoint company.

"People do not understand the output and the transformation we get. Everyone we create data that are then used as a resource. We are all vulnerable to everywhere, "he says.

According to Camilo Gutiérrez, the chief executive of Eset's company, cybercriminals, in particular, will use different methods that should be taken into account in relation to a secure Internet Day, which is identified today.

"One is the disease on the victim's device with malicious code that removes names, email addresses, passwords, pictures and other useful information that would be used to give it realized, "he said.

The malware can be installed on your device via a link that is submitted by post, application or fraud page. One of the most user-friendly settings is to get information from victims by clicking on it. stealing social media databases, bidders or internet sites decided by taxpayers. "The invader has information about one or more users who can make these information processes: With this data you can create beautiful shoes on social networks so that you can get other services," says Gutiérrez .

Sometimes they are wonderful attacks, personalized and targeting particular victims. "They are not really huge but on the way, they follow people as a whole and make specific attacks," said Ariza.

As well as being economically beneficial, other types of data may be available; aims have been identifying theft.. "For example, strategies related to politics or to move between companies. Others try to secret business steal or productive goods and then be used in pre market segments, "add to the expert.

In similar cases, they also affect someone in social networks, and create a false image and drag information from others. This may be another purpose that will harm the profile of a person in social networks.

How to protect yourself

  1. Do not make sure that your information, and in particular published on the network, will reach third parties as a challenge. However, to minimize the risks, the most important thing is to be aware of the data that you are sharing online.

  2. "For more information, we leave online, more information we provide to enable an attack to identity identity." In this regard, it is important that social networks confirm the configuration of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to identify the type of information obtained by third parties.

  3. Remember to use the dual verification factor, access control mode where you can find other identity tests, different to your password, such as a code that comes into a text message.

  4. If you suffer victim, you can report the case in the CAI Police Administration or contact the Business and Trade Directorate.
    If social networks may be in fraud, reject the account, in the same channels that are given by them.

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