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In a video | 72rd Magdalena Street arrives in six months: Char

Monday's president said the road will keep up two lines, traveling paths and trees every 10 meters.

The extension to Malecón del Río will be connected to the street 722. The road which ends in a wing will be connected to the Avenida del Río and can be used to accommodate the Pumarejo Bridge or Events Center and the Puerta de Conference Events. Name naming Oro. Monday, Mayor Airjandro Char.

The president undertook a visit to the plant, where he noted that he is "already working on it, in his foundations" in the water collection. approaching Barranquilla, the 72th street which reaches the River Magdalena.

Mayor Gray on the Monday morning.

Mayor Gray on the Monday morning.

The Mayor's Office


Just up to 700 kilometers on the road it is two roads 7 meters wide and a central separation. The two sets are going and are coming back now.

The 5 meter platforms will be covered in shale and an asphalt cycle route on both sides. The lighting system will be controlled and in the environmental part trees will be planted every 10 meters.

The causeway has been built in asphalt concrete and a road drainage system consists of coastal drains along with the primary school. This part of the process will involve a large box fitted on the pipe which has been developed across the town and a reservoir of water will be contracted to catch the waters of the canal. The present drift on 72th Street which leads through to 40 40 taking the waters to the dock and then on to the Magdalena River.

The opinion for the Male Malecon is designed in action units with journeys that involve the main roads it passes, follows and communicates directly to the River Magdalena.

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