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The JIA is a non-common disease that starts before a patient becomes 16 years of age and, for being considered as acute arthritis, the symptoms have to keep 6 weeks. This disease causes, for a long time, a continuous energy of the articles, pain, emotion, without diagnosing and writing. early treatment, causing problems such as growth disorder, eye torch, blemishes and disabilities.

"Given the impact of the JIA on the quality of patient life and the challenges it faces to confirm, we invite parents in the Caribbean Department of the phone line Volunteer 018000912035, where they are meeting a meeting with one of our childcare medicines to take part in the screening of children with bones and bones. It is important to identify Is the telephone line already available to the public and that the quotes are restricted, "a & # 39; explains Dr. Pilar Guarnizo, reumatologist painter. The hours are on her & her; Main line between Sunday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5pm.

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is a problem of diagnosis. Signals are in penalties, co-chips and mobility, which can be done; show that you have the disease, which is the subject of medical examination, physical decision making, and the closure of other routes. However, doctors suggest that parents are aware of any of the following signs:

Although your child can not complain about partial pain, you may be aware that he is complying, when he / she does; disappeared in the morning or after nap.

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It is common for cleaning joints, but often frequent awareness of joints, such as the knee.

You may be aware that your child is more mattress than usual, especially in the morning or after that.
Some experts agree, at the moment, there is a delay in complying with two years, when children come from two to three months to the consultation. This is a result of great ignorance of the psychology in the medical world and in the general population, which often reflects the symptoms of other diseases, and the belief that arthritis is a Special disease of adults, among other social legends.

Although young idiopathic anartritis occurs when a security system is in place; body attacks the cells and its own devices, it is still unknown why this will happen, but both the estate and the environment can affect the development of their cells and their own devices; of faith. . It is estimated that 1 in 1,000 children are pregnant; suffering from JIA.

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