It may not be a good idea to eat breakfast

In order to lose weight, the general advice is that you need to bring less calories among other things. And there is not a lot that says they should never get rid of food.

That is at least the mantra of a good number of doctors, doctors, endocrinologists and professionals in the nutrition world: the entries must be smaller in size, but more complete.

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They also say that, all the food, the breakfast "the most important of the day".

Even saying that supports this statement is: "Give breakfast Like a king, a food as a prince and a beast's meal"

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But what if this is not true The best thing when you want to lose weight?

A group of scientists from Monash University, Australia published in the magazine News who responds to & # 39; suggestion that you have a good discount to help you lose weight or do not; jump over you up

The breakfast is still alive.Copyright of the imageGETTY IMAGES
Caption of picturesIt is said that, from a health perspective, breakfast is the most important food in the day.

And it's bigger, they make sure that's People who have breakfast can eat more dinner than those who keep their / her; first food of the day.

Calories question

For such decisions, the team from the Australian university analyzed up to 13 studies on the effects of the & Take a breakfast on our weights.

In their study, they found that, as a rule, most of the partners who were breakfast they were spending up to 260 channels per day than those not

Woman trying to tie her pantsCopyright of the imageGETTY IMAGES
Caption of picturesThe survey of a team of researchers who certifies that those who eat breakfast are going to use more inclinations and get more kilograms.

Another decision was that people who ate breakfast would be nearby, on average half an extra kilogram that they would sink them away from their diet at the time of completing the survey (usually lasting about seven weeks).

So should we allow breakfast?

Well, there is no answer. The team responsible for the inspection believes that it should be investigated more and longer, because the people who were incorporated into its inquiry were no longer than 16 weeks.

They also make sure even though there is not enough evidence to take breakfast to & # 39; Helps to lose weight, because there is no way that lets on its & # 39; means you're winning it.

The overall credit is that those who have breakfast breaks up to # 39; feel more hungry throughout the rest of the day and so they eat more later, but Australian researchers do not say their analysis does not; Supporting such an application.

A girl who refuses to eat milk.Copyright of the imageGETTY IMAGES
Caption of picturesDo you always have those who have been struggling for their & # 39; first thing eaten in the morning Some experts think we should not try to get breakfast.

Dr Dana Hunnes, a scientist at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA University in Los Angeles, said the study, which had no involvement, said there was no presumptuous evidence for some of the options.

But he praised, in conversation with the site Life Science, The people do not change their habits.

So if you're having breakfast, start it up; but if you are one of the people that is being cleansed, do not send it, it will advise the expert.


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