Jonatan Gómez has been able to play in Cali Eagle League Distribution

Before three players who last week went to a Mexican football and his / her. begin anomalous in the I-2019 League, which adds 4 points out of 9; Maybe, Deportivo Cali continues to & # 39; analyzing the ability to connect a creative leaflet featuring similar features of Nicolás Benedetti, a modern American player of Aztec borders, to allow the team to manage Lucas Pusineri.

Agustín Palavecino, proprietor of Platense, the second division of Argentina, The first one of those days, but on Monday, the representative of Jonathan Gómez, (past 29 years old, Pasto and Independiente Santa Fe) said the field range also a call call from sugar directors through another friendly representative, but to stay in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Juan Fernando Mejía, president of the Verdiblanca institute, today's evening at the Sudamericana Copa show 2019 said that the military field could be an indigenous field, although he did not realize that they decided for Colombia if the conversations that succeed outside the country.

Another name is Gervasio Núñez, a Tucuman player and a couple of days ago in the pack in America. "We are offered to us by another candidate in Gervasio Núñez, and we are familiar with Dr. Pusineri, we are well-reviewed to co- Make the best decision, "Mejía added.

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