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Make sure you should give you the battery in an HP notebook

The January computer manager announced this year an extension of his resuscitation program and computer security refreshments notes and mobile workstations.

Here are some battles which can be altered by the HP program.With permission

Last January, HP Colombia SA S. (HP) announced the international program of reform and replacement of computer batteries with portfolios and mobile workstations. In January this year the company decided to extend the campaign to more teams.

Firstly, the program used users' HP ProBook 640 and 645 series G2, 640 and 645 series G3, 650 and 655 series G2 and 650 and 655 series G3, HP x360 310 G2, HP ENVY M6, HP Pavilion. x360, HP 11 Notebook PC, HP ZBook 17 G3, HP ZBook 17 G4, HP ZBook Studio G3 and G4 to analyze and change the batteries that allowed them to work.

With the new extension, as well as the designated models, batteries from the ProBooks (430, 440, 450, 455 and 470 series G4 and HP ProBooks 430, 440, 450, 455 and 470 series G5), the HP ENVY 15 and Mobile Tin Cliantan (HP mt20, HP mt21 and HP mt31).

Batteries which could be affected by PC selected notebooks and HP mobile workstations were sold worldwide from December 2015 to April 2018. These battles were sold. as part of the HP contract or its own authorized service provider.

These batteries could also heat, become a fire hazard or burn to customers. For this reason, it is extremely important that customers stop using the batteries immediately and check or re-record the bat, even if they have done so before and would have been. information that was not affected.

To find out if your system battery is affected, visit the HP Recovery website at as soon as possible. There is a proof tool that will allow you to quickly validate your battery. HP will provide new accommodation for each trial and are determined, without cost. There are six battery models that may be available, of which there is only one new as well as the first.

Of these, some are within the system, so the user cannot take the place or take them away on their own. The HP will provide a new service with no authorized technician. For more information visit the website

In addition, HP released BIOS updates to users who are more affected by the modernization program, and will bring them into the “Security Model”. If the declaration indicates that blockage has been blocked, stop using it immediately and send it in that mode. Information relevant to this update can be found on the previously mentioned website.

Once the battery is installed in a "Safety Model", you can continue to use equipment if you connect it to the HP power device.

If the proof process shows that your battery is not affected, you can continue to use your system, and you don't need another one. Please contact the production company if you have any questions about getting back and updating computer batteries and mobile workstations.

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