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Maroon 5 presents firewater and rockets in the "Super Bowl"

Rapper Big Boi (C), Adam Levine (L) of Maroon 5 and Sleepy Brown (R) play a half-time Super Bowl LIII between New England Patriots and Angeles Rams in the first half of the Super Bowl LIII at Stad Mercedes Benz in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, February 3, 2019. (Non-drum, United States) EFE

Today, Maroon 5 was arrested by fire and rockets in a fair show that had only been successful for a few minutes at a drum rhythm with "Girls Like You" and did not express it. a racial controversy spreading a great American football league, the "Super Bowl"

One of the biggest components was one; in the decision of a pop pop leader, Adam Levine, to have a & # 39; The torso struggled when the show went on: it appeared in a black jacket with a red stripe and ended up without a shirt, and tattooed, with the California state name.

Originally from Los Angeles (California), Maroon 5 turned to the songs at the "Songs About Jane" album, which they released in 2002. They made "Harder to Breathe", " This Love "and" She Will Be Loved ", while some light bulbs gave a paper on the spell the word" LOVE "(" LOVE ").

However, for many, the best moment came in the middle of the show when a siege and a group of drum players came together with Levine for the same single as last "Girls Like You", which is in the # 39 ; registration to & # 39; counted as a guest of rapper of the original Latin Cardi B.

Around 100 million people followed Maroon 5's performance from home and, for that, there was something too.

In particular, the National Football League (NFL) has shown a few image disks of the animated character, Sponge Bob, the main person who tells of the spong-eyed mind blue that is stay inside a pineapple at home "Bikini Bottom".

The NFL showed the symbols of SpongeBob, who appeared to dance, to honor her creator, Stephen Hillenburg, who died last year at the age of 57.

SpongeBob and Maroon 5 did not have the same star "Super Bowl" star. Rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi also jump on the platform.

Scott played part of his song "Method Sicko", which was widely distributed on television; when Big Boi came through the big door to classical car riding while The listeners were carrying and then brought it to the platform with a wooden coat while longing; He sang some of "I Like The Way You Move".

They all sang "M" to a higher degree of more than 36 meters on the left; wallpaper and casting rockets and fire columns.

None of the artists did not mention their raptist controversy; circulating a final of the "Superbowl" and it was not surprising to achieve it, and # 39; avoids American football leadership.

Marron 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi maintain their appearance in the "Superbowl" showcase their chance to make their music known, but these reasons did not on musicians such as Rihanna or Pink, who refused to go. controversy connected to the African-American community.

The controversy is named after the player Colin Kaepernick of the "San Francisco 49ers" team, on August 27, 2016, to keep her knees while & # 39; The United States' national mythology fought in protest about the many policemen with her; Black community of many controversial deaths in recent years.

Two years and five months after his move, followed by a number of players, Colin Kaepernick lost no professional team from March 2017 due to the fact that an NFL boycott was considered and also , there is now a new regulation He will play players in the hymn.

In the past weeks, the tension has been growing and the ones that supported Kaepernick came to be able to grow; Gathering around 114,000 signatures to ask Maroon 5 to work in the final.

"Kaepernick," reads the demand, "disturbed his knees for equality and the NFL has punished him. To make the league change his policies and supporting the constitutional right of players for complaints, no artist should agree to work with the NFL. "

The other side of the "Superbowl", as well as the sport, were the traders who would; behaviors, among others, face Harrison Ford, becoming a dog owner in the Amazon ad.

The CBS network, which broadcast its & # 39; Re-broadcast game this year, on its pocket between 5.1 and 5.3 million dollars for 30 seconds when it was announced. New England Patriots got themselves out as the 53rd Super Bowl campaigners when they hit Los Angeles Rams 3-13. Washington, February 3 (EFE)

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 plays a half-time Super Bowl LIII between New England Patriots and Angeles Rams in a & # 39; first half of the Super Bowl LIII at the Mercedes-Benz Park in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. UU., February 3, 2019. (Non-drum, United States) EFE
There were around 100 million people as Maroon 5 did from home. EFE

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