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Mexico vs. Chile – Party Report – 22 March, 2019

SAN DIEGO (RAFAEL RAMOS, ESPN Digital) – It was apparently convicted of the scaffold in the first half. In the second time he went to be a hardmaker: Mexico 3-1 Chile. Tata Martino had warned him: he and El Tri made a personal appearance tonight.

With 49,617 with paid tickets, a half-hour change occurred. Mexico escaped as a candidate for re-entry and in 13 minutes of the second half it laid the wall of Chile three times, with visits from Raúl Jiménez, Héctor Moreno and Chucky Lozano.

When the Three The Tsunami opened, the Cilean team was full of unbelief and unable to get involved. The broadside station was non-stop. Reynaldo Rueda will have an explanation of how his team fell and how he felt.


So incompetence and poisoning first explain Mexico. A time when Chile is not promising or intimidating to make sweat and emergency for the Mexicans.

El Tri is sure, but harsh. Will is not enough. Supporting alliances and going through immediately rather than through fellowship. It costs it because Chile is categorized according to memory and one of the eleven received by many of the eleven people.

In addition, the dike is at the top of the court. It takes shelter and plays on its back, and enables the Chilean improvement by looking at the ball and visiting.

Functions Very annoying and little talking. The absence of Gerardo Martino is unnecessary. Or they are persistent on the Andeans or they agree. Permanent is alive.

Little Chile needed to put Mexico in trouble. The ball is a very friendly craftsmanship and thinned in gunpowder. Small ways and much risk.

At 15 minutes, the referee does not see Hector Moreno's hand in the area, but he agrees with the yellow to Andres Guardado, and Guillermo Ochoa influences a 7-0 ghost to get a brutal Vidal link. T .

For Ochoa, the screen doesn't stop. Because the visitor understands that it is possible to make shutdown by pressing. Hector Moreno, however, saves his back to his gamekeeper, and the keeper draws a member from the auspices of Nico Castillo.

In the commitment to reorganize, Mexico is disorderly. They will start leaving their offices and affecting property. Jiménez is going to hunt half and a court and Pizarro is doing a thousand years behind the opponent's signal.

The branches of tribes, brushes, but cheers, whistles, screaming, and a routine "Mexico, Mexico" call remain as a funny story of the game. Only the echo of a throat: at court, is sworn.

Loading …

The half time feels good to the Three. Make sure that the logos rise and make fewer members. Above, two restrictions of Allan mean the first major shock to the Andeans.

And Raúl Jiménez is the hero, first with zapatazo having gone over to the job, and opens directly after that, after Greco-Roman above of Hernández, and the place where a very good place for these sniper manias. 1-0 at the 51 minute.

The long, troubled problem in Jiménez's relatives is breaking, but especially getting Mexican to leave the nerve, to give Guillermo Ochoa a bit of a rest.

In most metamorphosis, Guardado starts taking over his parties, and Rodolfo Pizarro dares wants to make dams. Something has to happen in the locked room.

And the attack is on the dashboard. Cabeza Hector Moreno 63, and a gentle woman from Chucky Lozano over the gamekeeper, is decorating. A 3-0 unbelievable in the first half and insufficient in the second half.

The tribe is living, living. The 2-0 is like hitting a raptor. And the 3-0 confirms that there is an outdated refugee team from Mexico on time.

The pressures are very bitter. As Mexico wants more blood, as that one, the same poured into a 7-0 de Centenario Copa America, and since Chile is starting to dismantle the victim, the sufferer is angry. who create the auction at Nico Castillo, for that 3-1 that's even from Americans.

With 15 empty pages ahead, Gerardo Martino will give his two best men out of his boyfriend. Chicharito Hernández will come in for Raúl Jiménez and Eric Gutiérrez for Andrés Guardado. And at 82, in joyous celebrations, release Lozano, for the advent of Diego Láinez.

By a shared battle, but without a high standard signal, the work was completed by a visit dropped by Javier Hernández in 91. Mexico will now be against Paraguay on Tuesday Tuesday in Santa Clara, in a stadium for bad memory.

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