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New Andean oral door to the Colombian market – Companies – Economy

After the forgotten attempts between 1995 and 2000, they broke the preaching in the & # 39; Bavarian market, Ardila Lülle (OAL) Group began – led by businessmen Carlos Ardila Lülle Lulle and his son Antonio José and Carlos Julio – a new battle this week in the league department.

This time they do not go alone. The owners of Postobón, Colombiana, Cristal, Hit, Incauca and RCN, named makers, among others, have been associated with themselves since 2014 with the Chilean Company of Unions (CCU) his partner, the giant Heleken. So things created, Postobón and CCU Meadhan Cervecera de Colombia (CCC), which was taken from a reminder to a producer from the end of January, with a plant in Sesquilé, Cundinamarca, spending 400 million dollars.

With this megaproject, the new company has a huge challenge: to 13% of a market of 2,435 million dollars bite each year, according to its. Euromonitor market analysis company. That is, 7.6 trillion pesos that are also sold almost entirely by Bavaria, a national body of 130 years, now in the hands of the Belgian-Brazilian AB InBev.

The brand started by the CCC to represent Andina, which was recorded in recent years, but that was once with other drink producers than Bavaria and it is a fascinating memory among old consumers.

However, the OMC, in its affiliate with CCU, does not have a & # 39; return from zero to the mountain market. Existing as a reminder, participating with 1 per cent of the market, with the # 39; Heineken mark, according to Euromonitor International. In addition, another 0.3 per cent of its market, with the North American brand Coors, made in Colombia, was sad in Maquila with Bavaria.

Similarly, CCC acquired the Beer Company Paisa Artesana (ABC) property in 2016, associated with the 3 Cordilleras company.

Although Andina's recreation is a major challenge, this expression did not show the funny phrases in the 90s. At that time, according to the meaning of the time, Ardila Lülle warned him that his intention was to become the first national blacksmith by the end of the century, so Bavaria was a ruin, who was then contaminated by A group led by Julio Mario Santo on Sunday

This was not followed by a response from Bavaria, who was then chairman by Augusto Lopez Valencia, who took his company from a soft drinks business in 1994, where the OMC & 39; ruled, as he still works with Mexico Coca-Cola Femsa.

We have our human talents, unique and innovative processes, and we are encouraging to & Our best to celebrate 130 years

However, Bavaria this time he was not quiet: she revived Malta from Malta and changed the image of Águila banner, the most valuable of all the material in Colombia, according to Kantar Millward Brown, with 3,924 million dollars.

"By the competition," Bavaria speakers told EL TIEMPO, "we will continue to make the best known mountain: quality bakers. The human talents We have unique and innovative processes and we encourage our best to identify another 130 years to create opportunities and add to Colombia's transformation. "

And they added: "In 130 years, Colombia has been teaching us so much that it is. That's why we're fine for every taste, since Colombia is our engine, and we have made more than 20 best national and international options for the best quality. Health for a further 130 years! "

Clearly, the messages are already in a competitive setting. Andina stood with the slogan and Colombia in her mouth. And in a message one day after the launch, Bavaria says that There's no great appearance in Colombia's appearance, for describing her many crests, including Club Colombia, Stella Artois, Águila, Beck, Brahma and Budweiser.

The list of these materials came after being first purchased in 2005 by the South Africa of SAB Miller and in 2016 with AB InBev, the world's biggest lie.

Although Bavaria indicates that the new competition does not appear; Just one mark, in conversation with EL TIEMPO, president of the CCC, Mauricio Medina Yepes, said that not only does Andina be one of his warriors, but the other mountain that is today It will be introduced to expand its distribution, including the Dutch Heineken, in the majority of the new Sesquilé factory.

The factory also opens with 3 million hectares capacity and today there are a total of 180,526 sales points and 1,574 people as a sales force. He also adds 0.4 million hectoliters per year every year, so he needs 2.6 million for his / her; its first aim.

In this center, because AB InBev had to be purchased at the SABMiller level in 2017 that AB InBev had to dispute the Miller signal and be allowed to join SABMiller, the This stamp, in the case of Colombia, by order of the Superintendency Business and Commerce (SIC), must be issued in Bavaria for a few years while another CCC or other local scale can compete great production in lubrication.

For this reason, he gives the maquila Miller to the Canadian American Amateur Molson, the only one he bought all over the world.

Despite the fact that many Colombians and microbreweries in Colombia,

Unstable unrest

Although this CCC's strategy is to market a Bavaria market by going to & # 39; Every person's wear is 49.6 liters per annum – in fact, according to Euromonitor – he will surely have to do on the current Bavaria cake.
And the annual spending of each person is long, for example, from the USA. UU., Where it is 72 liters and lower than in Panama and Brazil.
We use our nation to a higher degree of four liters per year for everyone in the last 6 years.

However, between 2012 and 2017, Colombia has increased from the beast sales, according to Euromonitor, from 21.3 to 24.3 million hectoliters, and by 2022 it is 28.9 million.

Although the new multi-level VAT on soft beans and drinks, agreed in the tax reform, affecting the Bavaria industry and other competitors, CEO leader Mauricio Medina, change and do so in the future.

"Our most important expectations are to grow. We have a great ability to grow with state capacity, the experience we received and the quality and projection of our branches. We believe that there will be a significant improvement in measurement that will help us, "he said.

16 years out of her business

In the 1990s, Leona, from the OMO, was able to capture 35 per cent of the market in Cundinamarca and Boyacá, and 10 per cent nationally. However, the decline was subsequently due to the fact that domestic spending fell and that there were levels of promotion and levels of interest in Colombia, making sure they were unsure when the salaries were cheap, low levels were low and increased in spending.

So, in mid-2000, in exchange for 7% of the Bavaria shares, money and debt of 170 million dollars, Most of it helped with Postobón, the OMC left businesswoman and did not return only in 2016, when it bought 3 Cordilleras.


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