New complaint found by Kevin Roldan Trends

In the program he loves A woman has been introduced who is still anonymous to defend her image.

The woman says she had a bad time with the five-year-old singer. It is worth mentioning that a young woman did not want to; talk too frightened.

"He connects cell to his cell phone, and posted a video with a 13 year old girl … she was a girl and they were a ; get the "

But all that Kevin Roldan has been arrested is more than once. In 2015 with the Police Santiago, Chile who is accused of causing "Wounded" to a model that I had taken part.

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In May 2018, two young people aged 14 and 16 Tell your television program that the singer invited them to come to their room to offer VIP tickets as an alternative to keeping sexual relations with him.

The woman, despite her physical misdemeanor, says that the singer is in a position; expressing her that he does not want to try it out.

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