PDVSA in difficulties for selling eight million oil caskets

February 27, 2019 06:20 PM
Updated on February 27, 2019 18:41 PM

Shipping ships with more than eight million oil barrels, worth more than 500 million dollars, are preserved in the Venezuelan coast due to the closure of access to the world oil market to Nicolás Maduro, as reported with the DW newsletter

The financial disciplines and oil restrictions imposed by the Donald Trump government on Maduro could affect Brent's price increase, which rose by 1.76% on Wednesday, explained by Jose David Navarro, an economist expert, although he said that The main part of the oil price increase is the production cut by the Petroleum Reformation Agency.

"Washington was already aware of Venezuela's oil dependence and had set up a process to get rid of these resources," said Navarro.

Brent's oil barrel price for delivery in April was finalized today in the London revenue market at 66.42 dollars, that is, 1.76% in addition at the end of the previous session, reports Efe.

Northern North Sea, European benchmarks, concluded the day in the International Exchange Futures with a rise of $ 1.15 compared to the # final negotiation, when it closed at $ 65.27.

Europe's price was prompted after learning that US security dropped 8.6 million barrels last week, while inspectors had a " An increase of around 2.8 million barrels.

The Petroleum Change Agency (OPEC) plans were designed to continue to produce the production cuts and potential implications for the procurement of sanctions on Venezuela has also increased a & # 39; price.

With information from Efe

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