Penalty to Blue? A corporate mileage demanded a player's request

Millionsaires She has a new stain on sport history. In the last hours, it was known that the old institution must stop the debtor of a player.

It is about it Ricardo Ciciliano, played in & # 39; Blue & # 39; and won a lawsuit Sports Club Los Millonarios, what was known (social name) to the capital square, now known as & # 39; Blue and White

"The Court of Justice held its decision on a military treaty on Bogotá, in which Club Deportivo Millonarios, formerly the company's former company, will pay More than $ 1,000 million pesos to Ricardo Ciciliano, after the player has been attacking a club for bankruptcy bankruptcy, "report on Blu Radio & # 39; on the subject.

The rule that comes after your High Court Court benefits the player; Previously, second and first, previously determined by a labor judge of the Bogota tour.

With this situation, its Millonarios company must be responsible for the purpose of Ciciliano, who added to the Willington Ortiz, up to 1,800 million pesos. (With information / Caracol Radio)

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