PlacetoPay gave the Cyberlunes balance and advised them how to prepare for Friday Black

How to change your settings, the platform for digital payments in Colombia, saying that Cyberlunes there was Increase by 25% in your business and 35% in the sum amounted to the contrary, which means that there are more than 183,000 jobs, for value $ 53,000 millions These results correspond to what they are doing; anticipated by company before special day. The purchase is an average of $ 292,000. In addition, the credit card is still the best payment methods of today, representing 68% of the number of items that have been prepared during this two days.

"The end of the year is one of the strongest seasons in an electronic trading business. The balance of Cyberlunes is positive and we are also ready for Black Friday, where important flames are offered with motto. However, it is imperative that interested parties are sensitive to making safe purchases, everyone has the responsibility to prove the advances in the sources and will definitely be out of their & # 39; proportion. Also, a database needs to work with electronic pay platforms with security knowledge and certification such as PCI, the highest international level available for PlacetoPay for 5 years ", said PlacetoPay manager, Ricardo García.

According to PlacetoPay, the growth in jobs on these special dates can be up to 60% compared to a typical day of the month, according to the crest and the deductions that they offer. Comparing Cyberlunes to & # 39; April 2018, this digital payment gate detected the growth of 27% jobs, which demonstrates confidence in the users and messages that come into this day of special discounts.

"The increase in purchases reflects the emotional change and the opening of new markets. Indeed, it is an important change", He placed the manager on PlacetoPay, Ricardo García. In addition, Colombian users have accessed the resources and security to buy online, and, eliminating depopulation, bringing more time and bigger benefits.

Suggestions for Sunday:

  • Be aware of restricted traditions.
  • Record your purchases, be clear about what you need to buy and what prices are there in your & # 39; market.
  • Look at the promotion of the wonderful stores by going to the site to avoid false advertising.
  • Make sure that the internet or pay provider is proven in PCI-DSS (the highest international level for security for electronic payments), which request the Financial Directorate in Colombia as it was in December 2018.
  • Do not use Wi-Fi connections with confused dependency: Remove protected files by password and trust.
  • Through these dates, the travel agencies will translate to air tickets for specific destinations. It is important that you read carefully the information that is usually sent to a special date.
  • The green green image, which is located on the left of the pay site, can help to & # 39; identifying reliable pages.
  • Update your system and your applications. This will allow you to be protected, as security providers may have been threatened to correct the applications in a previous version.
  • Keep your keys securely forever, do not repeat or use them for different accounts

Here's what Ricardo García explained, PlacetoPay manager:

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