RCN's strategic strategy to stop La Gloria de Lucho

War has no problem for the rating. RCN and Canal know in the & # 39; That controversy is that he has lost land with her; his strongest rival, Caracol Television.

However, he is not a dead person who is fighting and a three-channel channel knows. So before the new Caracol exhibition, "The Gloria de Bola", comes RCN's capability to punish it.

The channel decided to log in to & # 39; best chance of every time, & I Am Betty, The Ugly & Accepting the situation at the death of Fernando Gaitán, RCN received a good standard in the 10 hour slot.

However, after a week of broadcast, the channel believes that Betty's cart is strong to "Lucho & # 39; left without glory.

RCN's urgent strategy to stop La Gloria de Lucho

So, Betty La Fea will be broadcast at 9:00 a.m. to start on Monday. The first look of & # 39; La Gloria de Lucho & # 39; at the same time, with a Caracol Channel.

9:00 pm strip is the most attractive in terms of TV channels, so they will showcase the star representation.

The Gloria will Blow & # 39; the place & Loquito Pot Ti, a novel that will end on Friday, February 8.

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